Unlocking the Secrets of GPT-4: Exploring its Top 10 Quirks

Unlocking the Secrets of GPT-4: Exploring its Top 10 Quirks

Unlocking the Secrets of GPT-4: Exploring its Top 10 Quirks

A new version of the technology that drives an artificial intelligence chatbot that fascinated the tech industry four months ago has outperformed its predecessor. It is a specialist on a wide range of topics, often surprising doctors with its medical recommendations. It can depict visuals and comes close to uttering almost humorous jokes.

But, the long-rumored artificial intelligence system, GPT-4, retains some of the peculiarities and makes some of the same regular errors that perplexed academics when that chatbot, ChatGPT, was introduced.

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In response to being asked about e basics of the Spanish language, the bot provided a very informative and categorical range of techniques for comprehending and memorizing words from the Spanish language. It has enhanced its update to provide more insight and facts into any given topic.


By trials, it has been determined that the bot is now getting answers right to questions it previously could not before the update. That goes to say that in the last version of ChatGPT, certain answers were always wrong. Today, this indicates that the updated bot has a wider range of knowledge and information. We cannot, however, exclude the possibility of it making mistakes.

Impressive Detailing

The updated bot surprises us with the skill of responding to images as well as texts. A fabulous example being that if for instance, you show it an image of the inside of your refrigerator, it can suggest a few meals that can be cooked from what’s available. OpenAI has not revealed this part of the technology to the public.


In terms of medical queries, if the bot is ever subject to questions that contain the medical history of a patient including the prevalent complications and the description of the medication administered, how do you think this technology would respond?

A medical expert, gauging the response from the bot stated that “this is exactly how we treated the patient.” That goes to say how perfect the answer was from the bot.

Sense of Humour

The bot is getting quite better with its jokes as compared to its predecessors. Even though it still struggles to respond with anything but the standard “dad jokes”, its responses are quite witty and marginally funnier.

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Whenever given a story or an article, you can count on the bot to come back with the most accurate summary of it. To the extent, that it can point out any random sentences that you might add to its summary to avoid any arbitrariness.

Reasoning Skills

The flaw in this part is that the bot while functioning especially when given analytical and reasoning tasks to solve, it does not consider a few details of the whole task like the height of the door, for instance. Therefore, its reasoning skills break down into parts. As stated, the previous ChatGPT model handled questions of the same nature more appropriately.

Acing Standard Tests

Scoring 1300 out of 1600 on the SATs is no joke. Scoring in the top 10% of the Uniform Bar Examination that qualifies lawyers to practice in almost 41 states in the USA is marvelous. This and the capability of scoring on high school exams in subjects including biology, psychology, statistics and history, and much more.

Discussions of the Future

Although the bot has seemed to ace pretty much everything it is tackled with, formulating hypotheses of events that could take place in the future is something it is still not accustomed to. In a nutshell, there is still scope for the new bot model to get creative and come up with entirely new ideas that say would be implemented in the next decade.

Makes Up Stuff

It is rather funny to point out that the bot does makeup stuff. We can attribute this to the systems that back it up which have zero understanding of what is the truth and what isn’t and in the process, it may lead to generating something false. For example, the bot may create websites that have no internet addresses.

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Any new technological innovation has the potential to revolutionize society while also being subject to manipulation by adversaries. ChatGPT is no exception. When used properly, the purpose of this bot is to assist us in ways that make our work easier and break down barriers such as a lack of language, ideas, solutions, and so on. We are considering a more advanced system of remedies to every problem that may arise in our daily lives.

You can always explore the new update of this chat AI for yourself and discover new possibilities.

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