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Thursday, March 23, 2023


Sovereign Green Bonds: Definition, Requirement, Advantages and Framework

Is It High Time for SGBs?  Companies, nations, and international organisations all offer green bonds, which guarantee fixed-income payments to investors while only funding initiatives...

Circular Economy: Definition, Importance, Hurdles and Promotion

Changing Directions of the World: A New Economy  Around the world, governments, companies, and other organizations are increasingly looking into methods to implement circular practices...

Best Growth Stocks in India to Buy in 2023

A Sneak Peak Into Growth Stocks  Investing in anything in today's world is a great question, however, before you ask anything before it, you must...

Farmland: The Best Investment Trend in 2023

Where are All the Billionaires Investing Lately? We all look to billionaires for advice on investing possibilities and decisions. After all, they have the resources...

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022: The Most Expensive Game in History

Qatar's Expense on the World Cup, 2022 To put things in context, to understand how these expenses work for economies, Russia spent $16 billion in...

Challenges for Monopolisation of Big Tech in India

Regulatory Frame of Big Tech in India We now have to reevaluate the market strength of Big Tech corporations in light of the Competition Commission...

Sula Talk in India: Status Quo

The reawakening of Sula in India  When a business goes public through an initial public offering (IPO), they release a document known as the Draft...


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