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Why we celebrate World Beard Day on 3rd September every year


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Since the dawn of time, the beard has stood as the most excellent representation of manliness. The beard reigns supreme in masculinity, whether it is neatly groomed, full, or even wild, bushy, and out of control. In reality, especially in warrior cultures, the beard has frequently served as a symbol for many qualities traditionally associated with men, such as knowledge, power, high social position, and even sexual prowess.

Even if it hasn’t always been fashionable to wear a beard or even feasible to grow one (for some! ), many individuals and cultures have a lot of respect and regard for someone who chooses to do so. World Beard Day honors the beard and everything it has been and will be in the future.

History of World Beard Day

Every year, on the first Saturday in September, celebrations honor the beauty of men’s beards in cities and communities throughout the globe in a variety of ways.

Since it’s thought that mankind didn’t begin shaving until around 4000 BC, most males would have worn beards at the beginning of time. It was quite useful for staying warm and for absorbing blows if you got into a fight.

Though the history of World Beard Day has been forgotten, some historians contend that there is proof the Danish Vikings celebrated a day in honour of their beards as early as 800 AD! In those early August days, there may have been several festivals celebrated in each location, rather than just one special day set aside to commemorate the beard. From a modern perspective, some of the celebrations even appear a little wild!

Consider the Swedish village of Dönskborg, where all males without beards are exiled and forced to spend a day and a night in the forest nearby. In town, people with fantastic beards burn their hideously clean-faced visages in effigy.

A custom of holding a boxing bout between a bearded man and a child without a beard has long existed in southern Spain. That is if a boxing bout can be termed one while the man is carrying a sharp pike!

No matter where one lives, shaving on World Beard Day is seen as one of the worst forms of disrespect. In fact, on World Beard Day, it is traditional in certain regions for men without beards to honor and serve those with beards with great respect.

It’s time for men, women, and kids of all ages and stations to celebrate World Beard Day, whether they have beards or not!

How to Celebrate World Beard Day

As was already said, there are regional variations in how World Beard Day is observed, but there is one element that unites them all. Whatever else is going on, the beard is highly valued.

Think about these suggestions to celebrate World Beard Day:

  • Organize a celebration of World Beard Day

Bring the people in your neighborhood together for a celebration of all things beard-related. You may go all out and invite everyone, or you can keep it simple and simply have a party in the garden.

Any number of activities, such as a parade of bearded persons, a beard-grooming demonstration, or the sale of beard-related goods, may fall under this category. Include the BBQ, the manliest outdoor cooking technique. Drinks are always appreciated, and don’t forget to arrange a contest to see who has the most amazing beard after everyone has eaten!

  • Discover Historical Personages with Epic Beards

These historical figures—real or imagined—were well-known (or possibly notorious), and their ability to sport beards further enhanced the overall effect:


Why not begin with the man who is known for sporting a mustache? the 18th century’s most dreaded pirate.

President Lincoln

The leader of the battle in the American Civil War had a well-groomed beard and, occasionally, a stovepipe cap. Lincoln was one of the five US Presidents (out of 46) who decided to have a beard.

Santa Claus

This well-known figure probably sports a white beard to stay warm in the chilly environment of his home at the North Pole!

Burnside, Ambrose Everett

Burnside, a Rhode Island-born politician, and the soldier had a distinctively formed beard that he shaved off in the middle, giving him the appearance of having a massive, broad mutton chop. The term “sideburns” was coined about him and how he sported his beard.

Happy World Beard Day to all the beardos who have been spicing their look with a beard along with their manhood.


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