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Exploring new trends in food : 2022


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For all the foodies out there, we have got your back.

Exploring food trends for 2022 is an exciting idea due to the always-changing patterns of what people enjoy eating. 

What would the culinary trends for 2022 have in store for home cooking, well-liked products, cherished beverages, and beyond, if 2020 saw the development of home delivery and 2021 saw a return to dining out? There is no shortage of enticing flavours and fascinating components to try in the new year thanks to creative culinary inclinations and a feeling of food-based pleasure. Will 2022’s new cuisine trends be dominated by wholesome, cosy ingredients? Or will specials of the day feature decadent treats and unusual flavours?

Explore the list below to learn about the anticipated cuisine trends for 2022.

Fast Food but the Vegan Way!

Consumers today are very careful about what they eat and the health advantages of the food they buy. For all of these reasons, vegetarian and vegan cuisine is becoming more and more common. It will undoubtedly surpass expectations in the market. It’s inevitable that more talented chefs will start experimenting with upscale plant-based food. 

It could be challenging to experiment with vegan or plant-based cuisine trends because there aren’t as many options available on the market due to the lack of consumer demand. It will be difficult to find and produce all of these things.

As it can be simpler and more appealing for the consumers to try something new, in a familiar form, we will be experimenting with some of the most popular eating trends, including burgers, shawarmas, kebabs, and more. Mock meat will also be a major fad.

Zero Waste Cooking in Style

The idea behind zero-waste cooking is straightforward: it entails using every part of an ingredient to prevent food waste. In the next few years, as we try to embrace a sustainable lifestyle as a result of our growing awareness of the negative effects of food waste, this idea will gain appeal. Additionally, this is something that can be done in both home and restaurant kitchens. 

Using “ugly vegetables” or leftover fruits and vegetables, this idea can add an intriguing twist to any dish. Given the basic lifestyle that many people are choosing to live these days, this may soon become a widely accepted custom for eateries and individuals worldwide.

Adopting Ethnic Ingredients

Indian cuisine is just waiting to go off. We mean the yet unknown treasure of knowledge from North East India to small little villages in Andhra Pradesh. 

The lockout inspired people to be inventive. Everyone began asking mom and grandma about the recipes they used to make. There are so many hidden treasures there that must be found. Our country is so unique, and even a kilometre may make a difference in the food. 

The availability of various ingredients from all over India has increased the fun of experimenting, and these home cooks have allowed the rest of us to see what is genuinely prepared in people’s homes.

It’s critical to comprehend the proper application of these elements in a particular state or even sect. We as a nation must discover what is out there, and it is our duty as cooks to present India to our patrons in the best possible light. 

Heritage Based Cuisine

Many people were able to reconnect and appreciate their culinary heritage as a result of the pandemic. In the upcoming year, I see a lot of micro-regional, heritage-based cuisines emerging that will support this niche. In reality, the epidemic offered me the opportunity to finally understand and learn a great deal more about Bohri food from my mother after a very long period. 

Guests can expect a variety of intriguing new menus in 2022 that will reaffirm our concept, guarantee wonderful food, and enrich this process of discovery.


Non-vegetarian or omnivorous customers typically prefer to eat meat-based dishes in Indian restaurants. However, a tendency known as “Reducetarianism” is currently taking place both globally and in India, where meat lovers are cutting back on their intake of animal products. As a result, everyone is eager to sample carefully created dishes produced with alternative proteins like tempeh, plant-based, and cultured meats, including those who do not formally identify as vegetarian or vegan. Particularly given that this area is experiencing a boom of start-ups producing delicious culinary products that are novel and may appeal to a wider audience.

Our options for culinary experiences will greatly expand in 2022 as a result of expanding dialogues about sustainability, health, nutrition, and food technology. Gut-Friendly Meals 

Gut-friendly meals are essential since they address a number of health issues. Foods that have been fermented or preserved are easier on the digestive system, and tempeh will be important in this context. People need to be informed about its flavour, taste, and adaptability as an ingredient to various culinary methods and cultures. 

Tempeh is a very adaptable component that may be included into any cuisine, including Mediterranean, Arabic, and Oriental. It combines flawlessly with all flavours from different culinary traditions. As a chef, it gives me the chance to experiment and investigate various applications and cooking techniques.


We hope this article was delightful to read as it was to write on these traditional trends. Foodies across the globe are always waiting to explore better and explore bigger. 2022 is a comeback for all the time we missed out. 

If you worry about keeping it healthy and light, this article has covered that for you too. We are getting efficient and sustainable when it comes to our diets and we don’t shy away from it!

Aliya Hussain
Aliya Hussain
Aliya Hussain - an aspiring lawyer, and an avid reader, loves to write & journal and enjoys a game of squash as her hobby.


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