In the spring of 2023, Apple will release the “Reality Pro” VR/AR headset | Apple Headset

In the spring of 2023, Apple will release the "Reality Pro" VR/AR headset

In the spring of 2023, Apple will release the “Reality Pro” VR/AR headset – Apple Headset

Apple headset is coming soon, they should make their latest AR/VR headset announcement this year in the spring, and the gadget should arrive in the fall.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple started working on a powerful AR headgear in 2017 and wanted to release it by the end of the year. But the introduction was postponed every year until Apple eventually unveiled the XR headgear in 2023. Before the yearly Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place in June, the Reality Pro should be unveiled.

Gurman stated that Apple gave several renowned software developers access to the gadget so they could test it with outside applications. Borealis, the operating system for the headset, would be referred to as xrOS in public.

Multiple characteristics of Apple’s Reality Pro (Apple Headset) were noted by Mixed News:

  1. It is small and light, made of aluminium, glass, and carbon fibre.
  2. A changeable waist-mounted battery provides power.
  3. The integrated processor (ISP) performs two functions: main SoC (M2) and video processing.
  4. For high-quality mixed-reality applications, the latter is necessary.
  5. Apple’s AirPod and built-in speakers in the headgear receive audio transmission with extremely Low latency via an integrated H2 processor.
  6. Users can transition between both the virtual as well as actual worlds with a quick dial.
  7. Prescription glasses.
  8. Automated correction of the lens distance.
  9. A field of vision of 120 degrees.

According to rumours, the iOS 17 update may not be as significant as Apple had hoped due to the company’s focus on the upcoming XR headset.

Apple also intends to expand its AR offerings in its retail locations. Once stepping into a store, a consumer might, for instance, point their iPhone at any item, and a graphic with information about the price and specs would appear on the screen.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has just begun testing the augmented reality in-store service at retailers after developing it before the release of iOS 14 in 2020. Now it’s turning to Apple headset to explore AR/VR & Metaverse. 


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