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Menswear Shopping in the Metaverse: What to Expect


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Menswear Shopping in the Metaverse: What to Expect

One of the earliest retailers of men’s apparel, Kil, launched its first location in the metaverse by advancing its technological investments. Shopping fans will be allowed to purchase in the digital world by designing their avatars in the shop, which have been created in real life.

As part of its investment opportunities in Web3 technologies, Kil debuted wearable NFT clothing items with a holographic clothing show in May and debuted the 2022–23 Autumn–Winter collection for the inaugural time with an exhibition combining reality as well as the meta-universe, managing to open the first Metaverse store.

Customers of the men’s apparel company will benefit from an improved augmented reality (AR) shopping experience and will have access to the things they desire from the convenience of their own homes thanks to the store’s location in the Metaverse. The Kil Metaverse store will provide a setting where avatars can congregate, interact, and mingle, and customers will eventually be able to try things on as though they were in a real store.

We are growing our Web3 technology investments. Deputy Chairman of the Council, Hilal Suerdem of Kil, remarked, “While the lines between online as well as offline existence continue to blur quickly, we note that our consumers desire to communicate with us via other means as well.” We established a Metaverse digital storefront.

To satisfy their needs, as a business, we are increasing our expenditures on Web3 technology. After setting precedents last year, we established our initial Metaverse shop this year, extending our leadership in menswear fashion brands into the realm of online fashion. To influence today’s retail future, we will continue to enhance our efforts in these technologies.

The Metaverse shop was described in the following way:

The Possibilities are Endless: Exploring a Virtual Universe

The shop, which launched after a roughly three-month period of preparation, intends to provide internet customers with a unique privilege across its design and selections. Users must acquire the GoArt application & make their avatars to enter the marketplace.

Menswear Shopping in the Metaverse: What to Expect
Menswear Shopping in the Metaverse: What to Expect

Customers in Metaverse are greeted by the retail assistant and given information on the layout of the store and its selection of goods. The Autumn-Winter Series, which is sold in physical shops, Edirne Red items, a worldwide legacy held by the brand, as well as tuxedo collections that go along with life’s most memorable events can all be found on the ground level of the shop, which has two stories.

On the top floor, which is reached by a moving staircase created as a sustainability symbol, is an exhibition of the Tomorrow portfolio, which contains technical and ecological items. The collection comprises items that most clearly demonstrate the brand’s regard for both people and nature. The Ecoline product group, which is part of the collection, consists of comfortable apparel items with 100% natural dyes made from plant roots and leaves, as well as hemp-based pants and shirts, whose manufacture requires 20 times less water. A shirt with a garnish from the Tecnoline line uses antibacterial silver ion technology, is sweat-proof, won’t leave stains, and is sweat-proof.

Customers may also earn points by using tokens, brand NFTs, and discount coupons that have been strategically placed throughout the Metaverse store.

Users will soon be given access to exclusive events and the ability to buy the NFT series with Kil points accumulated in the shop as the Metaverse store’s enhancements progress. Users will be able to use the things they gather by going through the shop portals to recharge their avatars while traveling through other portals.



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