Manoj Bajpayee’s 14-Year Dinner Fast: What You Need to Know from an expert dietitian

Manoj Bajpayee's 14-Year Dinner Fast: What You Need to Know from an expert dietitian

Actor Manoj Bajpayee recently revealed that he has not had dinner for the past 14 years. The actor, who is known for his roles in films like “Satya,” “Gangs of Wasseypur,” and “The Family Man,” said that he started skipping dinner after his grandfather, who was always fit and healthy, told him that it was a good way to stay healthy.

Bajpayee’s decision to skip dinner has sparked a debate among health experts. Some experts say that skipping dinner can be a healthy way to lose weight and improve overall health, while others say that it can lead to nutritional deficiencies and other health problems.

Expert Opinion

Kanika Malhotra, a clinical dietitian and certified diabetes educator, says that skipping dinner can be beneficial for some people. Still, it is important to talk to a doctor or registered dietitian before making any changes to your diet.

Kanika Malhotra, a clinical dietitian and certified diabetes educator

“Skipping dinner is a form of intermittent (time-restricted) fasting and can be beneficial for some individuals,” Malhotra says. “It’s one of the methods for calorie restriction, and metabolic effects are also seen.”

However, Kanika says that skipping dinner may not be suitable for everyone. “It may not be suitable for everyone in general,” she says. “So, one needs to get in touch with a qualified clinical dietitian to create an eating plan while keeping in mind individual health goals, medical conditions, and eating preferences.”

Malhotra also says that it is important to be mindful of your body’s signals when you are skipping dinner. “Sustainability is also an important aspect if you plan to do intermittent fasting, especially if you have a medical condition,” she says. “If an individual is new to intermittent fasting, a 12-hour fasting window is alright, don’t force your body to do 14/16/18 hours of fasting. No one knows your body the way you do, so please listen to your body.”

What’s the Best Time to Eat Dinner?

If you are not planning on skipping dinner, it is important to eat it at the right time. Malhotra says that the best time to eat dinner is three hours before going to bed.

“You ought to eat dinner three hours before going to bed, say around 7 pm,” she says. “Maintaining the recommended three-hour window between dinner and bedtime is healthy. You do not need to reduce your meal if you are doing this. So treat dinner like any other meal.”

What Can You Have for Dinner?

There are many healthy and delicious options for dinner. Malhotra recommends choosing foods that are high in fiber and protein and low in processed foods and added sugar.

“Try Dalia Upma, Millet Khichri, or Dal Khichri,” she says. “These choices are filling and light, which can help you feel fuller for longer.

Other quick but filling small meals include dal chawal or chicken tikka with roti. These will stop you from needlessly munching on chips, chocolates, and other items at midnight. Eat a light, healthy dinner before going to bed to prevent acid reflux and other stomach problems.

An early, light dinner promotes better sleep, and digestion speeds up metabolism, and also lessens a number of other ailments.”

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to skip dinner or eat it at the recommended time, it is important to make healthy choices. By eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and limiting processed foods and added sugar, you can improve your overall health and well-being.

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