Gartner Hype Cycle – Next two to ten years of which technologies?

Gartner Hype Cycle - Next two to ten years of which technologies

Gartner Hype Cycle

The Gartner hype cycle reflects the usage over the next two to ten years of certain technologies which are anticipated to have a significant impact on business and on society as a whole, but they will also make it easier for CEOs and IT leaders to implement a smooth system towards digital business transformation.

New technologies are disruptive by nature since they lack a well-established competitive advantage. Understanding the prospective use cases and the timelines for the technology’s mainstream adoption, which can range from two years to ten years or more, is essential for seizing the opportunity. 

Here is more information on the three categories that the technologies of 2022 fit into:

I. Enhancing Immersive Experiences 

These technologies are advantageous because they provide people more control on their identities and data and broaden their variety of experiences by allowing them to participate in virtual environments and ecosystems which can be combined with digital currencies. In order to expand or create new revenue streams, these technologies also offer fresh ways to connect with clients.

Some of the other immersive experiences include : 

  • Decentralized Identity 

By utilizing technologies like blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), together with digital wallets, decentralized identity (DCI) enables an entity (usually a human user) to govern its own digital identity. 

  • Metaverse 

A communal virtual 3D shared environment known as the metaverse was produced by the fusion of virtually improved physical reality with digital reality. A persistent metaverse offers increased immersive experiences.

  • Digital Humans 

Interactive, AI-powered representations of people called “digital humans” share some of the traits, personalities, information, and mindset of real people. 

  • Internal Talent Marketplaces

Without the assistance of recruiters, internal talent marketplaces match staff members and, in some cases, a group of contingent workers to time-boxed projects and other job opportunities. 

  • Web3 

The Web3 technology stack enables the creation of decentralized online applications that let users manage their own identities and data.

  • Non-fungible tokens 

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a singular, programmable, blockchain-based digital object that can be used to publicly demonstrate ownership of digital assets like digital music or artwork or tokenized physical assets like homes, automobiles, or documents. 

II.  Advanced Artificial Intelligence Automation 

Growing the use of AI is essential for improving goods, services, and solutions. It entails hastening the development of specialised AI models, utilising AI in their development and training, and implementing them in the delivery of products, services, and solutions. The outcomes include quicker capture of anticipated benefits and more precise predictions and judgments. Humans are increasingly being exploited as consumers, judges, and administrators. 

Automated AI is exemplified by autonomous systems. 

The following are additional essential technologies for faster AI automation:

  • Foundation Models 

Large language models, which represent a particular kind of large neural network architecture that quantifies a quantitative description of the language in the context of surrounding words, emphasises word sequences, are examples of transformer architecture-based foundation models. 

  • Generative Design 

User flows, screen designs, content, and presentation-layer code for digital products are all automatically generated and developed using AI, machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. This is known as AI or AI-augmented design.

III. Optimized Technologist Delivery 

These technologies concentrate on the communities of people that create products, services, or solutions (such fusion teams), as well as the channels they use. These technologies offer input and insight that improve and speed up the delivery of goods, services, and solutions while also raising the sustainability of commercial operations. 

Cloud data ecosystems are prime examples of optimal tech delivery. They offer a unified data management platform that successfully covers the full spectrum of data workloads, from production data warehousing to exploratory data science. Cloud data ecosystems offer full capability that is simple to adopt, enhance, and maintain, as well as fast delivery. They will be very helpful to users and require two to five years to become widely used.

The following are additional essential technologies in efficient technology delivery: 

  • Augmented FinOps 

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, augmented finops automates classic ideas like speed, continuous integration and delivery, and end-user feedback to financial governance, budgeting, and cost optimization activities. 

  • Cloud Sustainability 

The use of cloud services to promote sustainability within economic, environmental, and social systems is known as “cloud sustainability.” 

  • Computational Storage 

A storage device receives host processing that has been offloaded from the CPU’s main memory through computational storage (CS).

  • Platform Engineering 

Building and running internal development platforms (IDPs) for system implementation and life cycle management using a self-service model


To conclude, it is important to make a note of and re-emphasize on the following : 

  • There are 25 “must-know” technologies in the 2022 Gartner Hype CycleTM for Emerging Technologies that will help businesses stand out from the competition and improve productivity. 

  • Few will probably become widely adopted in as short as two years, while many will take ten years or longer. 

  • The technologies are more dangerous to use since they are in their infancy, yet early adopters may profit more from them.


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