Sneakers You Must Add To Your Collection In 2023

Sneakers You Must Add To Your Collection In 2022

The competition for 2023’s top footwear is fiercer than ever. On one end of the range, reality-questioning Balenciaga styles or collaborations that were previously unimaginable represent the capital-D designers’ huge, culture-shifting swings.

On the other hand, powerhouses like Nike and Jordan are discovering fresh ways to rekindle our passion for the iconic styles that propelled them to stardom by simply catering to consumer demand for vintage colors and traditional styling. New players in the market have continued to surprise us throughout. 

The list of the top sneakers from 2023 is provided below. It is undeniable evidence that this year will be yet another major one for even bigger kicks. 

Sneakers You Must Add To Your Collection In 2023

Nike x Louis Vuitton Monogram Air Force 1 Sneaker 

These extremely rare AF1s—featuring Vuitton’s iconic Damier prints—were sold at auction to benefit the late Virgil Abloh’s charitable organization, which helped collect over $25 million for the designer’s “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund. They have never been released to the wider public and probably never will, but that only makes them more alluring.

Old School 

What’s old is new again shouldn’t come as a surprise because trends cycle. Nike has benefited the most from the return of retro-inspired fashions, which were formerly seen as tacky but are now stylish. You can choose between traditional and more fashionable colorways of classics like the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage. 

Knit Kicks 

Now that you can actually wear the trend from head to toe, knitwear offers stylish year-round comfort. When you’re on the road, knit sneakers are the best choice for sporty-chic attire. You’ll feel comfortable and look stylish all day long in these Fitflop white knit sneakers, which are incredibly light and constructed with substantial cushioning.

Color Play 

White sneakers are a mainstay in every collection, but occasionally you want to spice up your outfit a bit. Fortunately, these pairs from the most recent Reebok and Cardi B collaboration and the Pangaia show that springtime-appropriate hues are essential for making your outfit feel new this season.

Make Your Run Fun 

The best running shoes don’t have to be monotonous. The iterations of 2022, however, are everything but. They are available in almost every color, print, and pattern to give your upcoming workout just the right amount of pop. 

Balenciaga Defender Sneakers 

The Defenders, a team of tire-like vehicles who stole the show this year, may have the most bizarre design. If you purchase, be prepared for some surprised looks, because the cloud-like comfort from the sexiest designer on the planet is meant to draw attention. 

Nike’s Mambacita Sweet 16 

As part of the late, great hooper’s association with Nike, the Kobe 6 was already one of the most wearable models ever launched. However, a sleek black and white colorway (created in memory of his daughter Gigi and released on her birthday) lifts them to an immediate classic level. 

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk High Sneakers 

Supreme has always had a unique way with the Nike Dunk, and their most recent take on one of the Swoosh’s hottest shapes is no exception. Don’t be fooled by the “No Love” needlework; these, as usual, sold out very quickly.

Flower Power 

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking! This season is all about floral-inspired prints on sneakers, including neon versions from recent Adidas and Marimekko collaborations and recent Keds and Rifle Paper Co. collaborations.

Step It Up 

One of the most popular styles for the summer is platform sneakers, no pun intended. These are the ones for you if you’re on the petite side and yearn for a few extra inches or just want to acquire a new pair of clunky sneakers for 2022. 


Fashion has taken a sharp turn in the recent few years. Not only has it become more accessible to everyone but it also has evolved into an amalgamation of the old classic and contemporary trends while keeping it eclectic.

However, the broad principle has always been that the rich are the ones who indulge in fashion but that is not something that is meant only for people who don’t mind splurging.

Shoes are a great accessory and knowing which pair of shoes goes on which outfit is a skill in itself. You must follow your taste regardless of the trend. What matters is your taste in fashion, not how much you can splurge on it or not. 




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