20 Fun Things to Do As a Couple 

20 Fun Things to Do As a Couple 

It is easy to fall in love and start a relationship, but maintaining it is not that easy. It takes effort and regular adventure to keep things going in your love life. Indulging into fun and adventurous activities can be exciting for you and also it helps in making sure that your bond stays intact. 

Let’s explore some small yet essential steps that one should take to maintain the essential fun in the relationship. Several activities are mentioned below, you can look at them and see where you and your partner both are comfortable and can find your interests and romance. Always remember that it is always the small gestures that create huge impacts in your love life

Check out these 20 Fun Things to Do As a Couple –

Unplanned dates 

Having a planned dinner date with a movie night is always appreciated but the unplanned dates are as necessary as the planned ones. Randomly going out and exploring places without planning about it.

The random dates don’t have to be too expensive, for an introvert couple it can be just sitting on the couch of their living room with a bowl of popcorn in their hands and Netflix on the television.


Always find a reason to get close to your partner, not just when you are alone with them but also when you have people around. Make your partner feel physically comfortable and secure with you.

Physical touch is not always sex, Cuddle with your partner some nights without expecting anything else. Hold hands, give hugs, run your fingers over them and give them head massages. 

Travel Together 

If you have been planning something for a long period of time and have been delaying due to several reasons, this is  your sign to pack your bags and go for a trip with your partner.

Things and moments which can be created on a trip, away from your natural zone will be way better than the ones that happen here. Travel and explore with your partner till the end. 

Get active together

 Pick out a gym close to your place and get a membership for you and your partner both. Go and get fit together, growing together has a beautiful feeling. Even if not at the gym, just indulge in any physical activity together, be it exercise or dancing.

Get lazy together

It’s not necessary to be just active together, you guys can be lazy together too ! just sit on your couch and binge watch on the rare days when you don’t want to workout.

Do activities by just sitting together at your home, like playing board games, every small moment together will help you grow with each other. 

Show small gesture of love 

Don’t always wait for any special occasion to make your partner feel special, rather find ways to make them feel special more often. Bring a flower on a random day to see them smile and show them how happy it makes you feel to see them smile.

Go and give them random hugs and forehead kisses. Open the car door for them, treat them like your king/queen. 

Play leisure games 

Whenever you think you guys don’t have anything fun to do, you can always look for resting games which are not that mentally straining yet fun. You can play cards, board games, or even silliest games like a thumb fight with your partner can be fun. 

Involve them in your life 

Try and make them a part of not just your life but also other spheres of life. If you don’t make them comfortable with even any one of the social spheres of your life, they can feel distant.

Show them that you are proud of them and introduce them to others with utmost pride and respect. 

Get a hobby together 

Pick up an activity that you both like and fit it in your routine. Indulge in that activity like dancing, going out for a walk, reading, listening to music or anything else. Make sure it’s fun for both of you and is calming for both of you.

Enjoy the activity with your partner and you will start to feel like your bond is getting stronger. 

Go for couple massages

If you and your partner are both comfortable, you can get a couple massages with your partner. It will help you both get relaxed and also spend time with each other.  

Cherish your moments

Sit with your partner and talk about your beautiful moments. Use statements like “remember when it was the first time we ….”, appreciate your history and cherish how much you both have grown from the first time you guys met.

The individual growth and your growth as a couple needs to go hand in hand, if you are successful in that, it is worth the appreciation. 

Visit your partner’s hometown

Even if you are not very open or comfortable with your partner’s parents/family, go and visit with your partner just to show them that you are there for them. Not just their family but take them to visit their birth town so that they relive their childhood and feel special to have you next to them while they relive their past.  

Have your meals together 

Eating is not just a routine, rather it is an emotion. Food means a lot more than it looks. Not everyone is comfortable with eating around someone. Have your meals with your partner, talk about their day and make them feel comfortable and be a good listener.

Eating together should always be encouraged, whenever one of you is busy or late for the meal, others should wait and show how important it is for them. (whenever possible)

Random gifts

Bring random things for your partner that they like, show them that you think about them even when they are not around you. Always keep a note of the things your partner tells you randomly that they like, and bring it for them whenever you can. This will always help your relationship grow and become better everyday. 

Host a party 

Hosting a party or an event together can be a huge task and therefore will be a huge responsibility. This will help you see if you guys can coordinate with each other and hence will create a good bond with each other.

Whenever you indulge in such a task that involves decision making, it is important to see how partners coordinate because you both are two different human beings and cannot agree to everything the other person believes in.

The challenge arises when you both will have different thoughts. The way you guys adjust for each other and how much you are willing to compromise for your partner is all that matters. 

Random appreciations 

Randomly appreciate your partner for their achievements or their appearances or anything that matters to them. Make them feel appreciated and show them you are proud of them in your smallest statements. They should know that they mean a lot to you. 

Be comfortable in silence

Is it necessary to always talk or do something?

The best relationship is where you can be comfortable in the silence of your partner. When there is nothing awkward in just sitting idle and you don’t feel bored. 

Cook together 

Cooking together can bring you very close to your partner. Remember, it’s not the taste we are cooking for, it is the time and fun we are doing it for. Cooking is a way to spend time with your partner irrespective of your gender. 

Talk about past 

Tell them the stories about you when they were not a part of your life, introduce them to the “you” where they were not a part. How you have grown into what you are today, make them aware of it. If you are on the receiving end, make sure you listen to every story very calmly and with utmost curiosity. Listen more than you speak. 

Make a bucket list and Fulfill it 

Think of things to do together in your future and start to walk towards them. Once you start walking towards your dreams and start ticking the subjects in your bucket list, it will make you feel so happy as if you have fulfilled an achievement.

Even if the statement is as small as “go for a bike ride” or as big as “buying a house together” every small achievement will bring you both closer and feel like a reinforcement to walk together in your way. 

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