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How to deal if you are being ignored?


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Dealing with being ignored

When we experience being ignored by people close to us for reasons we aren’t even aware of, relationships can then occasionally get a little murky. Every one of us has gone through a moment in which we felt uncertain, perplexed, and insecure—especially when our near and dear ones neglected us or sidelined us.

Despite your best efforts to avoid it, you might end up doing more harm to the said connection or even to yourself. Now, usually, in these dire situations, you may either wish to cut all links with the offending party or resort to bombarding their phones with messages and calls until you hear back. Even though both of these ideas could have seemed reasonable to you at one point, it is strongly advised against them.

Let’s dive into the ways how people deal with situations like this and how we can cope with the same.

Silent Treatment 

The problem with brazenly ignoring someone is that it is not only impolite, immature, careless, nasty, and petty, but it is also seriously emotionally harmful. Ignorance is not a sign of affection. In actuality, silence constitutes abuse. Additionally, ignoring someone is not a tactic; rather, it is a blatant disrespect for their sentiments.

They blame you for the problem

Personally, I believe that this is a simple solution. Someone may be angry with you but be too immature to talk to you about it. They may accuse you for a problem and ignore you in an effort to make the “issue” go away or to escape taking any accountability for the same. Ironically, it actually exacerbates the situation.

They disregard your feelings

It’s possible that they are purposefully attempting to harm or punish you, that they are too self-centered to care about your feelings, or that they simply don’t respect you.

How do you deal with the silent treatment? 

  • Getting to the root cause

Try to talk about and comprehend the situation because, as was already indicated, communication is frequently a problem. Here, comprehension is crucial. On both sides, you must show patience, have the desire to be kind and compassionate, and be open to understanding. Ensure the other person is aware of your concern for them and your willingness to listen when they are ready to speak.

  • Setting healthy boundaries

Now, if someone is actively trying to harm you by being silent and acting maliciously, they might even take pleasure in your outrage. Don’t get in touch with them, and don’t give them the quiet treatment either, but try not to let it bother you. In any circumstance, no one should be treated that way. Therefore, learn to know when to draw the line to extend a hand of help and to happily be content in your path.

Other things to do to cope with being ignored  :

  • Focus on yourself 

Someone who deliberately ignores you is not thinking about your emotional needs. Be careful not to lose yourself in your thoughts, wondering why they’re acting in this way and what you did wrong. Stop depending on their validation or the need for them to approach you. If you are sincerely confident that you haven’t done anything to deserve to be ignored this way then you shouldn’t let the person or the situation get the better of you.

Be cautious of guarding yourself emotionally because you don’t need to be used by them or silently punished this way by them. It is imperative to mention here that those who value you in your life will never keep you hanging and no matter what the cause, they will always make the effort to work things out and put the worst behind.

  • Give yourself and the other person space

We often exhibit neediness and clinginess when we believe we are losing something because we are emotionally attached to it. That makes sense, no?

Now, instead of paying them more attention if you see that your friend is neglecting you, back off. Give them some time to ignore you before approaching them to start a conversation. Similarly, give yourself the space to understand why you want certain things to work in a particular way and be content with yourself.

  • Keep control of your emotions

Usually, we react without understanding the situation as a whole, and therefore as mentioned above, it becomes extremely crucial to be able to take a step back and view the entire situation from a holistic point of view. Nobody is out there to hurt you deliberately and if there are, they are not worth staying in your life.

Hence, don’t let your anger or frustration get in the way, and don’t even bottle up your emotions. The key is to find the middle ground, know your worth, and realize that if things can’t be worked out then so be it but your self-respect must be acknowledged.

  • Apologize if need to

Perhaps you did something to offend them, and as a result, they chose to disregard you. If you did something wrong, be the bigger person and apologize. They ought to be sorry for ignoring you now. If they don’t, let them know that ignoring someone won’t help you solve your situation.


Relationships today are a very integral part of everyone’s lives. These relationships could be with your partner, your friends, your siblings, and the list can go on. Relationships are also a way that drives us to look forward to better things and to have the strength to move ahead in life given that we are surrounded by the people we love. So, when these very people tend to ignore us for reasons known best, it can get very tough, especially for someone who is not familiar with how to deal or cope with certain situations and people.

Relationships that are healthy might change over time. Sometimes one individual contributes 90% and the other 10%. There are days when it is 50/50 and days when it is 70/30. Relationships function in this way. However, it’s bad to ignore someone and make them seek your attention and favor. It is extremely toxic and eats away at their sense of self-worth.

Ignoring someone is not the way to achieve a loving and cooperative relationship if that is what you want and neither is it the way to treat people who have been in your life for better or worse. There is an approach to everything, whether you want to resolve something or not.

Aliya Hussain
Aliya Hussain
Aliya Hussain - an aspiring lawyer, and an avid reader, loves to write & journal and enjoys a game of squash as her hobby.


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