Social Media Platforms And Apps To Be On Your List This Year

Social Media Platforms And Apps To Be On Your List This Year

Social Media Platforms And Apps To Be On Your List This Year

The daily lives of many people are supported by social media. Users of social media can find all the information they require without ever leaving their preferred site, including news (and misinformation), lifestyle advice, decision-making, and product research.

Despite the fact that 415 million people in China still do not have access to the internet, the country today has more than 1 billion social media users. These are prospective clients for marketers, not merely eye-catching figures.

And if you have a sound social media approach, they might actually convert to paying clients. You must take your audience into account when deciding which channels to use. Try out numerous social media sites before committing all of your time to one. Check to see if you’re getting the desired results, and then deliberately decide which ones you want to focus more on.

As we all know, apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are ever-green apps and by now we all have learned how to optimize the same whether it’s business, marketing, simply keeping in touch, or building our careers around content creation and influencers.

A new generation of social media apps is now available, changing the landscape for anyone hoping to use the potential of social media marketing. Let’s have a look! 

Social Media Platforms And Apps To Be On Your List This Year


A brand-new, intriguing social media platform called Supernova touts itself as an ethical alternative to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

How so? Since brands and creators can pick the charity they support, 60% of Supernova’s ad revenue is donated to them. The goal of this platform is to establish itself as the social media application that gives back and genuinely alters the world.

By charity categories, advertisers can select where their advertising revenue goes.

Additionally, Supernova employs a group of human moderators to weed out trolls and make sure everyone on the network feels secure and included. Supernova has the potential to improve the state of social media, though it is still in its infancy.


Social media usage now prioritizes visual content. A new social networking program called Locket transforms Apple’s widget system into your own personal social media network.

The Locket widget displays real-time photos from your pals on your Home Screen.

Here’s how it works. Your Locket widget updates as soon as a buddy gives you an image. Then you take a picture and use the app to email it as your reply.

Additionally, users are only allowed to have up to 5 pals on the app at once, keeping the experience focused and unique.

This social media software has already topped the rankings in the US App Store and has more than 1 million downloads so far.


In 2022, the creator economy is thriving, and new social media tools like Sunroom are assisting in reshaping the playing field for influencers and producers everywhere.

Sunroom offers a fresh method for female and non-binary content producers to make money off of their work. Because they are aware of the courage required for creators to put themselves out there, they have developed a community and new software that is open to everyone and views earning money according to your own terms as a form of liberation.

Sunroom proposes its creators a variety of revenue-generating options, including monthly subscriptions, tips, and user comments. Additionally, the Sunroom team plans to develop a number of personal finance tools for creators to assist them to maximize the revenue they produce.


A social media platform where fans may compete to watch their favorite TikTok creators on-screen together. The site is being used by over 100,000 creators, including Madonna and The Chainsmokers.

Although PearPop has been operating since 2020, Pearproof is a new service that the app has just introduced. It’s a web application that enables social media content authors to market NFTs of their posts.

While other applications provide a comparable service, the Pearproof app really helps these NFTs increase their value by increasing social interaction through posts. Pearproof employs a tiered approach that permits the value of these NFTs to increase. Additionally, Pearproof will guarantee that 90 percent of the proceeds from the sale of an NFT go to the author.


On the video streaming website Twitch, content producers broadcast live shows to their viewers. There were 7.5 million streamers who were active as of December 2021. The majority of content on the platform is still video games, but streamers also produce cooking shows, music videos, and makeup tips. Twitch users viewed 5.44 billion hours of live streaming content in a single quarter.


Keeping up with trends is essential for the success of any brand since they give them much-needed insight into what is popular within their own market. The media industry is always evolving.

With the help of these insights, you’ll be able to more clearly identify the areas where your business needs to concentrate its efforts in order to create content that your target audience will find valuable.

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