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Top five investment techniques Rakesh Jhunjhunwala used to get extremely wealthy – Check it now!

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is role model for most of the investors and his whole life is not less than a case to study about his...

How can you make your firm eco-friendly?

How can you make your firm eco-friendly? There is no denying that environmental concerns are causing growing anxiety around the world. Despite being obviously a...

New Trends in Insurtech that are changing the US Insurance Market

The term "insurtech" refers to the use of technological advancements intended to squeeze more efficiency and cost savings out of the existing insurance business...

Moonlighting on the rise – Why Corporate houses are not happy with it?

What is moonlighting? Moonlighting often refers to doing a second job in addition to your regular position. Moonlighting, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is "the...

The hype of hyperautomation – What is hyperautomation & What are the benefits?

What is hyperautomation? 2019 saw the introduction of the term "hyperautomation" by IT research and consultancy company Gartner. The idea is founded on the realisation...

Significance of Solar Energy in Enhancing Agriculture | Boosting agriculture with solar power

Solar energy enhancing agricultural productivity Solar energy is "Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into useful energy forms," according to its definition. Photovoltaics (PV),...

Battery-As-A-Service: The Next Revolution

The development of electronic vehicles is being fueled by growing fuel expenses, increasing pollution levels, and climate change concerns. But everyone is also worried...


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