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Gender Empowerment

What is gender stereotype for Men? How men suffer from it and what is the solution?

What is a Gender Stereotype for Men? A gender stereotype is a simplified and often harmful belief about the characteristics, behaviors, and roles that are...

India’s Richest: Emerging Women in the Corporate World

Making an Impact in Leaps and Bounds are the Women of the Corporate World According to Forbes, just 11 women worldwide were members of the...

9 red flags in a relationship you can’t ignore

When you are in a relationship, you need to balance a lot of emotions anger, care, possessiveness, jealousy, love, etc. Every emotion carries equal...

Too late to divorce? Getting divorced later in life is not a bad thing always! 

Getting divorced later in life is not a bad thing!  Few couples expect to divide their assets within a few years of getting married when...

Dating in thirties? Is dating in your thirties challenging?

Is dating in your thirties challenging? Dating may be challenging at any age, but starting a new decade brings with it a whole new set...

Adopting Arbitration in India

As an alternative to courtroom proceedings, arbitration allows for the settlement of disputes outside of them. The arbitrator is typically chosen with the consent...

When to stop loving someone

In our love lives, we are often given “guidelines” of when to start loving someone, and when to trust someone but no one actually...


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