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New YouTube CEO Targets Web3, Including NFTs and Metaverse

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO for Over 25 Years, Steps Down In a recent announcement, Susan Wojcicki revealed that she would be stepping down from her...

Titanic Heritage Goes Digital: Ownership and Legacy Preserved through NFTs

Titanic Heritage Goes Digital with NFTs Titanic is one of the most iconic ships in maritime history, and now people can own a piece of...

NFT Sales Dip 59.35% in First Week of 2023 Despite Increase for Some Collections and Blockchains

Are you wondering what's happening in the world of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Is there an NFT Sales Dip or an NFT Sales Rise as...

Exploring the NFT Market: Statistics and Trends on Adoption, Sales and Popularity

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been gaining a lot of attention in recent times, but many people are still unaware of what they are and...

Following the end of the NFT frauds, here is how technology will play a significant role in your life

Over the past year, non-fungible cryptocurrencies (NFTs) have received a lot of media coverage. This is undoubtedly in part a result of famous people...

How Do NFT Derivatives Work? What distinguishes them from the original NFT?

The emergence of NFT derivatives is a result of the acceptance of NFT spreading internationally. The NFT community is divided on this project in...

Strong NFT sales for the new year, up 26% in the first week of 2023, and double-digit growth for the top 5 blockchains

NFT sales climbed in the initial week of 2023, with a seven-day volume rise of 26.01% from the prior week and a total of...


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