‘Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse’, the very first audio meditation metaverse in India introduced by Advait Danke

'Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse', the very first audio meditation metaverse in India introduced by Advait Danke

Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse

The first sound meditation metaverse of its sort to be released in India is called “Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse,” and it was formally launched by DJ and musician-transformed Spiritual Catalyst & Sound Alchemist Advait Danke. Advait Danke’s new mindful metaverse was introduced with a holistic approach intended to spread consciousness in the virtual world. Its goal is to assist 1 million people in realising their inner selves and living stress-free, natural lives by making the process of internal consciousness and self-realization manifest through sound, music, and vibrations.

Awareness and the Metaverse

The recently launched metaverse is simple to use and can be viewed on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices via the Spatial App. The metaverse’s creators made sure that there’s no login problem and that no subscription price is assessed in order to give a hassle-free user experience. This allows open access to everyone. The platform’s rich sights and deliberate motions provide users with a peaceful and spiritual experience. This experience can also be improved by using VR headsets. Since its debut, the platform created by Advait Danke has received a lot of positive feedback from users for its one-of-a-kind features that keep them interested as well as for introducing the idea of how the science of sound, music, meditation, and consciousness affects human body, mind, and energies. Together with the staff of Wow Labz, Xarvel, and Metawood, the metaverse was created.

Metaverse and NFTs meet in meditation

Additionally, through “The Sounds of Universe,” an eternal audio NFT collection founded on the science of brainwave technology, Advait has incorporated blockchain technology into the metaverse. The attentive musical vibrations and patterns that the audio NFTs produce have a good effect on a person’s mental and emotional condition. The platform’s users will be assisted by these sounds in developing self-compassion and compliance by connecting with the all-encompassing divine. Resonance By engaging in the sound meditation environment provided by Living Mindful Metaverse, one may learn the purpose of existence and enable themselves to experience the highest vibrational frequency. The freshly launched platform offers a wide range of meditation tools, including the sounds of stillness, which produce the sounds of singing bowls, the sound of the mystical gong, which produces the sounds of gongs, and the lovely sounds of peace, which produce the sounds of chimes.

The platform, which is the first of its type to be developed in India, offers its users a number of advantages. Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse offers consumers answers for their daily stress-related problems, including stress reduction, improved productivity, detoxification, and spiritual growth.

Regarding Advait Danke

Advait Danke is a metaverse strategist, conscious marketer, and business consultant. At Wow Labz, he is actively developing web3, blockchain, and metaverse solutions. Through the discovery of their genuine state of resonance, which is in line with the higher spiritual purpose, he seeks to empower people and organizations to achieve their goals while making good changes and having an influence on a better world. Advait Danke’s venture, Resonance Living Mindful Metaverse, is a selfless endeavour that will benefit society as a whole.

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