Intuit Mailchimp Launches Beta of Email Content Generator, Powered by GPT

Intuit Mailchimp Launches Beta of Email Content Generator, Powered by GPT

Intuit Mailchimp, the email marketing platform that serves small and medium-sized businesses, has launched a generative AI tool called Email Content Generator. Powered by GPT technology, this tool aims to simplify the email marketing process by allowing customers to create marketing email campaigns based on industry, marketing intent, and brand voice.

Simplifying Email Marketing for Small Businesses

The new Email Content Generator is part of a suite of AI-powered features within Mailchimp. With an increasing number of generative AI tools that streamline workflow entering the market, this latest tool represents the next step in Mailchimp’s goal to make email marketing more efficient for small and mid-size businesses.

The tool works by allowing users to enter natural language prompts, such as “Create an email regarding the launch of our new product and offer a 15% discount on orders for today only”.

The Email Content Generator will then produce three options that align with the specific goal of the email campaign. Users can choose the most suitable option, drag and drop it into their campaign, personalize it, and send it to their target audience.

Mailchimp’s Goal

Jon Fasoli, Chief Data, and Product Officer at Mailchimp, said, “We see generative AI fundamentally changing the landscape of creative work, and we’re here to help our customers apply it to their day-to-day marketing in meaningful ways so that they get more done and reach their goals faster.”

Mailchimp has been integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities into its platform to assist marketers and small businesses in improving their marketing efforts.

The platform acquired the automatic graphic design platform Sawa and the AI brand marketing analytics platform Inspector 6 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Availability of Email Content Generator Beta

Email Content Generator Beta will be available to select Mailchimp customers in the United States with Standard and Premium plans on April 10, 2023.

This AI tool is part of Mailchimp’s over 20 AI, and data science features in-app, including Creative Assistant, Content Optimizer, Send-Day and Send-Time Optimization, Predictive Segmentation, and Product Recommendations.

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