Desk Bikes: Re-Defining Productivity in the Workplace

Desk Bikes: Re-Defining Productivity in the Workplace

Purchasing a New Desk Bike For Your WFH Routine

In recent years, Desk Bikes have become increasingly popular as a way to stay active while working from home. Desk Bikes are essentially desks that allow you to pedal while you work, enabling you to stay active and productive at the same time.

Desk Bikes come in a variety of styles, from traditional stationary bikes to desks with built-in pedals. Some have adjustable heights and some even come with a monitor mount and keyboard tray. Many also come with adjustable resistance levels, allowing you to customize your workout.

The benefits of using a Desk Bike are numerous. Not only do they provide a great way to stay active while working, but they can also improve your posture, increase circulation, and offer a low-impact workout. They can also help to boost your energy and productivity levels.

Let’s look at the top factors to take into account before purchasing a Desk Bike : 

How to choose a Desk Bike?

It’s a good idea to consider how much time you intend to spend riding your desk bike each day when shopping for one.

Do you intend to spend hours or just a few minutes each day working at your desk bike? You might find the solution useful when you think about the features stated below.

You should get a bigger, more durable bike if you want a desk bike where you can work comfortably for longer periods. Additionally, you ought to choose a larger desk size. These will improve the comfort of your working environment.

You might be able to get away with one of the smaller models if you only need an additional 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Adjustable Height 

Finding a workstation with a desk and seat that can be adjusted in height is a smart idea. Especially if more than one family member will be using the bike, this is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit. Most of these bicycles are safe for riders between the heights of 5’1″ and 6’2″.

Desk Size 

These desk bikes come in a wide range of sizes, with the majority being on the smaller side. The desk should at the very least be big enough to fit a laptop and a few books. Additionally, some desks feature built-in tablet holders, which may be useful.

Weight Capacity 

A crucial specification to take into account for each piece of workout equipment is weight capacity. Make sure you can safely sit on the bike before proceeding. Second, a bike is inevitably better made the higher its weight capacity. Most quality desk bikes will have weight capacities between 250 and 400 lbs.


What locations do you intend to use your new desk bike? Will you be able to leave it in the living room permanently or will you have to move it when it’s not in use?

Different bikes are more or less portable. You might be able to choose a larger, less portable alternative if you have the space to leave your desk out at all times. A lightweight, foldable model might be a better choice if portability is a priority.

Top Five Bike Desks

LifeSpan has an entire division devoted to boosting movement at work. They are also a market leader for under-desk treadmills.

The desk that comes with the Unity is the largest, measuring 31.5′′ (W) x 24′′ (D). It has enough space to hold a computer as well as several books or notebooks. The desk is big, but the height can’t be changed. Although the seat is customizable, LifeSpan claims that it can suit people from 5 feet to 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Although most users agree that the pedaling motion is smooth, others are upset that the resistance cannot be changed. Low-grade intensity resistance is used. Since the Unity bike cannot be folded, it is arguably better suited for long-term use.

This might be the best option if desk space isn’t as crucial because it offers a few other benefits that the Unity Bike does not.

Although the desk on this bike is a little smaller than others, it is still much larger than most at 22.8″ (W) x 20″ (D). The Deskcise Pro’s height-adjustable desk is a fantastic feature. You may easily raise or lower the desk to ensure a proper fit by pulling the lever.

The bike is incredibly portable because it is supported by 4 coasters. It is also rather simple to convert to a standing desk.

Whereas the previous two desk bikes were upright, this one is recumbent. The upright bikes are excellent, but if you have painful joints or a terrible back, a recumbent bike can be a little more comfortable for you.

This recumbent’s desk is a respectable size, measuring 26.5′′ (W) x 15.5′′ (D), and it can support up to 20 lbs of stuff. This ought to be sufficient room for a laptop or notebooks.

Sunny also comes with a straightforward LCD that displays a few of your workout statistics while you perform. 

The 8 degrees of adjustable resistance on this recumbent desk bike should allow you to increase the amount of intensity while working.

It is robust enough to support 350 lb people and has all the adjustable settings you may ever require. But putting it together will take longer than two minutes.

People with sore joints who aren’t sure their back would benefit from sitting unsupported for extended periods should consider recliners.

 The desk on 2500 is very sizeable, measuring 24′′ (W) x 16′′. (D). It is remarkably strong and can support up to 44 lbs. The bike’s component is also quite advanced. 2500 has 14 distinct levels of resistance, as opposed to the majority of these desk cycles with adjustable resistance, which only has 8 levels. Although you have greater precise control over your intensity, this does not necessarily translate into more overall resistance.

You are not required to use desk bikes ONLY for work. If you like, you can read, watch movies, or perform a crossword problem. You are free to use your “workspace” any way you see fit.

This bike also includes an extra-thick seat pad. The majority of consumers think that the bike is rather pleasant to sit on, especially for a folding bike.

Speaking of folding, if your space is restricted and you can’t have your desk bike out at all times, this is a nice feature to have. When not in use, fold this bad boy in half and keep him in a corner or a closet if required. The ExerWork 1000 is a good bet if you want a small, compact desk bike that can quickly disappear when not in use. An excellent blend of small, strong, and economical.


The benefits of using a bike desk are numerous. Not only do they provide a great way to stay active while working, but they can also improve your posture, increase circulation, and offer a low-impact workout.

They can also help to boost your energy and productivity levels. They can also help to create a healthier office environment, as people who use bike desks have reported improved concentration and focus. 

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