Healthcare Challenges in 2023: Rising Issues from Long COVID to Mental Health

Tackling Healthcare Issues On The Rise: 2023

Healthcare Challenges in 2023: Rising Issues from Long COVID to Mental Health

Without placing the general well-being and welfare of populations at the forefront of public policy, we cannot achieve a healthy future.

A person’s economic prospects are worsened throughout their life cycle by poor health. A person’s ability to accumulate human capital is impacted by their health when they are young children or infants; when they are adults, their quality of life and employment prospects are negatively impacted, and this disadvantage accumulates over their lifetime.

For instance, there is a wealth of research showing that spending on public health and primary prevention has a positive impact on both health and the economy.

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Similarly, digital technology has improved the safety, speed, and seamlessness of several services and goods across various industries. There is no reason why this shouldn’t also occur in health systems with the appropriate policies.

The Kinds of Healthcare Issues On The Rise:


In 2023, long-term COVID-19 will undoubtedly be a health concern. Long-term COVID-19’s detrimental effects on health frequently prevent people from participating in activities like work, school, or relationships for weeks at a time.

Healthcare Challenges in 2023: Rising Issues from Long COVID to Mental Health

Primary care physicians must provide accurate rehabilitative support and diagnostic services to patients with long-term COVID-19. We urgently need to conduct more research to identify efficient therapies as well as preventive approaches to lower the chance of extended COVID-19.

Mental Health

There is little indication that the burden of mental disorders has lessened since 1990, despite them being a major source of impairment worldwide. Understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic, war, and violence have affected the prevalence and burden of mental disorders in 2022 and beyond, as well as how governments should be adjusting their mental health responses accordingly, remains a priority.

Healthcare Challenges in 2023: Rising Issues from Long COVID to Mental Health

In the future, we must have a deeper comprehension of the additional risk factors for mental diseases, how they differ between communities, and how to provide the best possibilities for population-level prevention.

Climate Change related Health issues

Climate change is already affecting the health of millions of people all over the world, and more importantly, climate change will worsen throughout this century. Flooding can force people to leave their homes and affect their mental health; droughts and storms can impact food security and water availability; and wildfire smoke episodes can increase air pollution.

Healthcare Challenges in 2023: Rising Issues from Long COVID to Mental Health

As we know from the pandemic, preparedness is key, and we are far from prepared for the health impacts of a warmer climate.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Globally, cardiovascular illnesses, including ischemic heart disease and stroke, will account for 28% of all fatalities in 2021. Cardiovascular illnesses can significantly increase the financial strain on healthcare systems and the rate at which people lose their health.

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By addressing modifiable cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, dietary dangers, smoking, and air pollution, the majority of cardiovascular diseases can be avoided.


In Latin America and the Caribbean, diabetes is the fourth leading cause of DALYs, and it is the only one of the top five causes to have shown a rise in age-standardized rates since 1990. The prevalence of diabetes is high, rising, diverse, and expanding.

The best options seem to be population-based interventions, such as taxes and incentives, more detailed food labels, better-built environments that encourage exercise, increased advocacy to educate people about the risk that diabetes poses, as well as expanded health education to address diabetes risk factors. Policies designed to lessen weight gain and raise nutritional standards are also crucial. 


Healthcare Challenges in 2023: Rising Issues from Long COVID to Mental Health

The importance of dementia for public health will be highlighted by anticipated trends in population growth and aging that are predicted to cause significant increases in the number of persons affected by dementia globally. Planning appropriately for the necessary support and services is necessary to provide persons with dementia with adequate care.

Health Strengthening Systems

A crucial component of what is required for resilient health systems is continuing to strengthen health systems domestically as well as internationally. This will be especially important as nations redistribute their resources and emphasis following the COVID-19 pandemic’s acute phase.

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To guarantee that initiatives are set up for long-term sustainability and can provide the outcomes that are desired throughout health systems, donors and governments must make a longer-term commitment in terms of their financial and human resources, governance structures, management, and information systems.


In addition to having negative effects on patients’ experiences and their confidence in healthcare systems, low-quality care also hurts outcomes, such as increased morbidity and death. An article like this one aims to raise awareness of the illnesses, diseases, and healthcare issues that are prevalent today and the steps that the general public may take to help combat them. 

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