Tips to remain mentally stable

Tips to remain mentally stable

There can be times in our lives when going to sleep becomes a little difficult, where you don’t feel like socializing, where you create fake scenarios in your mind and overthink them, or maybe just can’t force yourself to be okay with things around you. 

Firstly, let’s accept the fact that it is OKAY to be NOT OKAY at times, but if the period continues for a long time, it’s time to work on yourself. Some small changes and regulations can help you feel more stable. 

Tips to remain mentally stable

Here are certain tips for you that can help you feel a little better on your hard days. 

Learn to be thankful for what you have

On those days when all we see is darkness in front of us, it is necessary to peek beyond the darkness and see the good side. Being optimistic is not always the solution, but being thankful for what you have, being thankful for the fact that you have the strength to deal with what is going on around you, really helps.

Make mistakes 

The fear of making mistakes stops lots of us from doing something crazy and interesting. So let’s get up and be prepared to make mistakes. Stepping up beyond your comfort zone can actually make you feel like you did something productive in your life and this feeling of being productive is very important at times. 

Such a feeling of being productive is a contradiction to the feeling of “I am not enough”, which can help us be stable enough. Taking risks should never be avoided (make sure it is safe and causes no harm to anyone) 

Engage in a Hobby 

Keep yourself occupied in something you love to do. Pick up a brush and throw that paint on canvas, or play your favourite song and start grooving on it, just get yourself occupied in anything that gives you peace and makes you happy. 

If you think you prefer watching reels over getting up from bed and actually doing productive work, it might make you feel good at that time but the truth is told, the fewer hours you invest in yourself, the less mentally stable you become.

Relaxation methods 

Some very commonly heard methods to relax are yoga and meditation. Yoga includes bodily postures, meditation on the other hand includes different breathing methods that can help you relax your mind and body. 

15- 30 mins of each activity can help you calm yourself from your prior state. In many cultures, people have their beliefs that meditation can help you reach and connect with a “divine power”. Different people meditate for different purposes but the end result is always peace.

Spend time with people whom you enjoy with

At times you might feel very low in your life, some days might be a little more difficult than the rest. On such tough days, don’t hesitate to ping your best friend and plan an outing with them. Contact the people with whom you love spending time. 

There can be phases when you feel like “nobody loves me, why should I hang out with them”, on such days, don’t look for people who can love you, look for people with whom you can go out, eat, and enjoy and laugh. 

Explore your own town

Being a tourist in your own town, exploring new places and visiting there alone or with your people can help you give a refreshing breeze at times. Exploring new places to eat, and new monuments and looking for their significance, you always learn something new and helps you open up your mind. It’s always refreshing to learn new things. 

Express yourself rather than hiding 

Ever felt like no one would understand what you are going through? Children are often taught by saying “don’t cry, weak babies cry, but you are strong right?” We clearly are teaching our children that crying is a sign of weakness. This might sound fine till a certain stage but in the long run, you are making your children unable to express their emotions, leading to mental health illnesses. 

Be it any emotion, never create a barrier for someone to express, let them out of their system. Neither an emotion should be linked with any gender, nor should it be considered “positive or negative”. 


Experiment with yourself, and give exposure to yourself in any field. Maybe a new haircut or a colour of your hair, maybe a different recipe for your favourite food, redecorating your room, or simply grooming yourself in a different way. Anything that is different from your everyday life can help you. 

Pack your bags and go on a trip, stay away from social media, meet new people face to face, know humans and learn something from every single human. 

Show love 

There are a few people who don’t crave to be loved, rather in their hard days they want to shower their love on someone. It’s okay to love someone with all your heart even though you have had toxic or harsh experiences in your past life. We might feel scared to love someone after some of our life incidents, but closing doors to our hearts is no solution. 

Express your love, bring them gifts, show actions, and express in your words, it is understandable that holding hands with someone makes you feel happy, making someone feel the love you have inside you can make you feel loved too. 

A word from the Author 

Hey Champ, having tough days? Don’t be harsh on yourself. Taking your time to get out of your issues is absolutely normal. Rushing into getting to normalcy is no solution. The tips mentioned above can gradually help you be a little calm, they are psychologically tested. Also, a few more small tips like eating food items that increase your happy hormones and cheer you up (spinach, apple, etc.) can help too. 

To the person who has been fighting their own suicidal thoughts every day, know that there are people who love you, who would hate to “not” see you around and look at you doing wonderful in your life! it is not always doing “the best” in life, sometimes it’s fine to be decent, just pass one day at a time, try and smile, try and laugh, every time your mind goes the wrong road, engage yourself in some task or talk to someone you trust. 

Get help if required without any hesitation, and take therapies very proudly. Manage your routine, manage your diet, and make healthy choices. And most importantly, Be yourself, Love yourself! 

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