Meta explores new ‘Members Only’ feature in Horizon Worlds Platform

Members Only feature in Horizon Worlds Platform

Meta explores new ‘Members Only’ feature in Horizon Worlds Platform

Meta, the social virtual reality (VR) platform ‘Horizon Worlds,’ is taking a step forward to empower its creators with a new testing feature – members-only worlds. This new space allows creators to build and cultivate a space where a community of people can come together to enjoy a curated experience.

The company has stated its goal is to “put design in the creators’ hands” and “empower creators to craft the culture of their communities.”

Exclusive Access to VIP Supporters

The members-only worlds will allow the creators to provide exclusive access to their VIP supporters, create a dedicated space to showcase their world design portfolio to the creator community, gather a gaming group, organize a support group, and much more – all without worrying about uninvited guests.

During the test phase, each members-only world can have up to 150 world members and 25 concurrent visitors at any given time.

Tools for Community Management

Meta will provide the creators with tools to set the rules for their communities and maintain those rules for their closed spaces.

The creators will have the choice of whether or not to share their moderation responsibilities with other trusted group members and decide if they will allow members to visit the world without a creator or moderator present.

Ensuring a Safe Experience for All

Meta understands the importance of ensuring a safe virtual experience for all and has implemented measures to maintain this. The company stated that “Everyone will always have the ability to report worlds to Meta and report others for behavior that violates our Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences.”

Building Blocks of Meta Horizon Worlds Platform

The members-only worlds are just one building block available to the creator ecosystem of the Meta Horizon Worlds platform, in addition to public worlds and more. The company aims to provide a complete solution for its creators to build and manage their virtual spaces with ease.

In conclusion, Meta’s new testing feature of members-only worlds is a significant step forward in empowering its creators and providing them with the tools to craft their communities the way they want to. The company’s vision to put design in the hands of its creators and empower them to craft the culture of their communities is commendable, and we look forward to seeing the results of this new testing phase.

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