“Metaverse” was just a sci-fi term, until October 28, 2021, when Facebook was renamed “Meta” and Mark Zuckerberg declared his company’s vision of constructing the Metaverse. Metaverse then spread like wildfire throughout the tech industry.

The Metaverse is rumoured to be the next big place on the internet, possibly much bigger than digital platforms and extending beyond the internet itself.

With technology like virtual reality, integrated display gears, blockchain, and motion sensors, the Metaverse would be a new virtual world that individuals could experience and live in. And it would possibly change the way a typical office meeting looks today.

Let’s have a quick look at the basics of the metaverse. Then we’ll discuss how the metaverse can recreate the future of meetings.


The Metaverse is a global virtual 3D world in which anyone can join and interact with other Metaverse users.

The Metaverse is a cloud-based digital environment in which millions and millions of people will be able to connect via the internet, virtual reality, blockchain, and other tools.

Metaverse, like gaming, is a virtual environment that you can join and quit whenever you choose. The only point is that Metaverse isn’t simply for fun; it has a lot more promise than that.

Virtual meetings on the Metaverse using VR gear would replace video calls. Through a virtual reality experience in the Metaverse, users can go sailing, rock climbing, paragliding, exploring the depths of the oceans, and even visiting Mars.

From leisure to visiting an unreachable location, the Metaverse would provide a haven for billions of individuals.


The Metaverse is intended to lure users by giving them the impression that they are actually in the world they have entered.

It helps take such collaborative choices to the next degree, taking users into a virtual world where they may engage more effectively with the elements around them, rather than a mere two-dimensional screen.

It’s a wonderful way to change the future of video conferences, collaborative events with people all over the world, and more.

Not only is it a great way to build augmented reality when handling games, including deeper involvement with the overall ecosystem, but it’s also a great way to change the future of online meetings, collaborative events with people all over the world, and more.


The metaverse is a digital world in which users can “live” through the use of technology such as virtual, augmented reality, and multimedia. The concept is that people can use numerous virtual activities to work, play, and stay in touch with friends (i.e. movies, gaming, working, etc.).

Metaverse meetings work on the principle that users connect to their virtual avatar and travel to the metaverse meeting hall, where they can meet with their coworkers as if they were in a physical conference room at the workplace.

There can be n number of attendees in the virtual meeting, engaging with each other, remotely joining from around the world.

Overall, it will be a very unique and fascinating experience for the users or we can say, employees.

Microsoft Teams is actively developing its form of Metaverse to create a digital workplace that addresses all of the shortcomings of the current remote working concept. Dynamic in-person discussions with immersive viewing will be possible in the Metaverse. Virtual meetings will be more effective and expressive if gestures and facial emotions are used. 

Although, this scenario will only be possible if organizations can provide expensive accessories to their employees, keeping in mind their security issues regarding hackers and crackers.


Even though virtual 2D sessions have become the norm, we’ll likely continue to progress toward a more virtual method of working–in the metaverse.

While it may still seem like a distant fantasy, Bill Gates believes it is only a matter of time. However, several issues must be solved before metaverse meetings become such a possibility.

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