Meta’s Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

META: High Ad Revenues In 2023

Meta’s Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

Meta Platforms’ (META) displays third-quarter net income and sales above analysts’ expectations, as the company reported strong advertising revenue and ongoing cost-cutting measures.

Earnings for Facebook and Instagram’s parent company were $11.6 billion, or $4.39 per diluted share, up 164% year over year. Meta’s revenue for the quarter was $34.1 billion, a 23% increase over the prior-year period, exceeding analysts’ high expectations based on ad revenue improvements.

Meta reported a 24% increase in ad revenue as the firm returns from a tumultuous 2022 in which advertising revenue sawsawed.

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While Meta has been slower to incorporate AI technology into its solutions than competitors like Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOG), it has tried to entice marketers to use AI. Earlier this month, the company introduced generative AI capabilities that allow advertisers to generate fresh ad material, background pictures, and other content autonomously.

Meta’s Record Hit In The Third Quarter

Meta's Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

Meta is also attempting to gain ground through cost-cutting methods. Beginning in November of last year, the corporation conducted repeated rounds of layoffs to cut its staff by at least 21,000 people. The most recent round of layoffs occurred earlier this month.

Along with cost-cutting measures, Meta has indicated that it would change certain of its processes to comply with regulatory requirements. In Europe, for example, the company intends to provide paid memberships to Facebook and Instagram users who want to avoid advertisements.

This approach, if implemented, may increase the company’s top-line performance while discouraging certain consumers used to a free experience on such platforms.

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In after-hours trade, Meta shares were up roughly 3% to over $308. The stock, which plummeted 4.2% during regular trading hours as part of a bigger tech sell-off, is currently trading around where it was in late 2021, just before prices began to fall for the rest of 2022.


Meta's Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, WhatsApp, Threads, and Messenger, declared a profit of $11.6 billion, more than double the previous year’s profit of $4.4 billion. Its operating income of $13.7 billion increased by more than double year on year.

Cost-Cutting Measures

Meta's Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

Meta’s financial performance witnessed a notable upswing, driven primarily by its prudent cost-cutting initiatives. Over the past year, the company managed to achieve a remarkable 7% reduction in overall costs, resulting in a total expenditure of $20.4 billion.

A significant aspect of this cost-saving strategy involved a substantial reduction in Meta’s workforce, with the company scaling back its employee count by approximately one-third. Moreover, Meta also underwent a significant transformation in its organizational structure, streamlining it for improved operational efficiency.

User Expansion

Meta's Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

This positive trend of growth in Meta’s user base has been consistent across multiple critical markets, including the United States and Canada. Daily, an impressive 3.14 billion individuals engage with one or more of Meta’s diverse range of applications, signifying a substantial 7% increase compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, every month, Meta’s reach extends to an astonishing 4 billion individuals, representing nearly half of the global population, who interact with at least one of Meta’s various applications.

Prioritizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Meta's Meteoric Rise: Surging Ad Revenues in 2023

Meta places a high priority on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its business strategies. This emphasis on AI has played a pivotal role in the company’s ongoing efforts to drive operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

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In recent years, Meta has harnessed the power of AI to optimize its advertising strategies, employing AI-driven advertising tactics and advanced ad measurement techniques to fuel the company’s growth and success.


Zuckerberg stated that Meta intends to begin employing additional AI-focused technologists for this purpose, as well as boost personnel overall as it works through its “significant hiring backlog.”

The corporation intends to do well in the current quarter but has cautioned of volatility due to developments in the Middle East. It has also been stated by an Official from the company that it has “seen broader demand softness follow other regional conflicts in the past, such as the Ukraine war” after Russia invaded in 2022.

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