Introducing Bard: Google’s ChatGPT Rival

Introducing Bard: Google's ChatGPT Rival

What the Future Holds for Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Technology

The ChatGPT competitor to Google is here. The AI-powered chatbot, known as “Bard,” will directly compete with ChatGPT, another AI service developed by rival OpenAI. In a blog post announcing the initiative, Google CEO Sundar Pichai called the program an “experimental conversational AI service” that would respond to customers’ questions and engage in dialogue.

Where will Bard receive his information?

Pichai wrote in the article that Bard “seeks to integrate the depth of the knowledge of the world with the strength, intelligence, as well as creativity of our massive language models.” He said, “It uses information from the internet to deliver new, high-quality replies.”

Is Bard active and available for usage?

According to Pichai, the AI bot has been made accessible to a select group of “trusted testers” before being “more broadly available to the general public in the following weeks.”

What Bard can be asked to do by any user

According to Pichai, “Bard can serve as an avenue for creativity as well as a launching pad for curiosity, enabling you to describe new findings from NASA’s James Webb Telescope to something like a 9-year-old or learn more regarding the top players in football right now and then get workouts to enhance your talents.”

What is going to drive Bard?

A scaled-down version of Learning Algorithm for Dialogue Applications, or LaMDA, the company’s massive language model, will underpin Google Bard when it debuts in 2021. It is presently accessible through the AI Experiment Kitchen app from Google.

How users may get to Bard

It is unclear at this time. But Bard will appear in Google searches. Soon, you’ll notice AI-powered Search features that condense complicated ideas and multiple points of view into digestible formats, allowing you to quickly understand the big picture and gain knowledge from the web, whether that means looking for additional perspectives, such as blog posts from people who play both the piano and the guitar, or diving deeper on a similar subject, such as beginner-friendly starting points. Soon, Google Search will start implementing these new AI features, according to CEO Sundar Pichai.

How Bard depicts a shift in Google’s strategy

Google Bard represents a shift in the company’s approach to AI chatbots, which has previously been very cautious given their propensity to spread abuse and hate speech. Pichai stated that Google would use “external input alongside our private testing to ensure Bard’s replies satisfy a high threshold for quality, safety, as well as groundedness in real-world knowledge” about Bard as well.

In a recent all-hands meeting, Jeff Dean, Google’s AI leader, reportedly informed staff members that the business has a significantly higher “reputational risk” of delivering false information and is thus proceeding “more cautiously than a tiny startup.”


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