Top Artificial Intelligence Trends You Must Know in 2023

AI Trends on the Rise

There’s no Stopping AI from Rising 

In contrast to 2022, which was all about controlling big tech and the lack of a “wow” factor in smartphones, 2023 will be all about a reinvented environment that will combine many technologies that we have all heard about in the past. Extended Reality, AI-based tools, and decentralised social networks may let it grow to a size where it can generate buzz for diverse items that will affect average people. Many of the top trends for 2023 are the logical progressions of the significant developments of 2022, while others will be a sign of broader changes in tech culture.

These are the technological trends that will probably shape 2023. 

Industry Push Towards Extended Reality 

The extended reality, which includes VR, AR, and MR, began to take shape last year. Some firms, like Meta, were focused on using headsets to create alternate worlds, while others took a more measured approach to the so-called “metaverse.” More businesses startups and big tech will voluntarily step forward in 2023 to participate in the metaverse’s social experience.

The Rise of AI

Although AI has always been a component of technology, it has only just begun to appear in consumer-relevant applications. More AI tools that are powerful and capable of comprehending natural human language and good enough to produce writing that resembles human speech are expected to be introduced in 2023, according to experts. Consider tools based on AI that can write screenplays and essays. But other people are opposed to using such instruments. Teachers, for example, worry that AI could eliminate academic paper, a popular tool for evaluating pupils’ writing prowess and capacity for reflection. 

Decentralised Social Networks 

Controversies broke out at Twitter for a while after Elon Musk’s acquisition, which sparked the growth of decentralised social networks like Mastodon. The platform gained over a million new users in just a few days. Users are flocked to Lens and Minds in addition to Mastodon as Web3 alternatives. Additionally, there is Nostra, which former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey backs. A decentralised social network, which is neither one platform nor owned by one company or person, has recently received a lot of attention.

Foldable Phones 

As far back as we can recall, Samsung has led the charge in providing foldable devices on a global scale. But in 2023, Chinese competitors who plan to introduce foldable outside of their native country will put pressure on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip4 models. Expect foldable phones from Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus to be more affordable and widely available to consumers. In exchange, more foldable phones will be in users’ hands, which will aid in the expansion of the premium smartphone market and increase competition for Samsung.

Generative AI in the Art Space

New tools are available to improve content production with generative AI. By utilising generative AI, businesses may produce a range of content more quickly, including written content, videos, and graphics. To create immersive material from various sources, generative AI networks use general adversarial networks or transfer-style learning. In addition to its obvious applications in marketing, it has the potential to alter the media sector. There are countless applications, including developing new movies and restoring old ones in high definition, enhancing special effects capabilities, and creating avatars for the metaverse.

AI to Elevate Customer and Brand Experience

Leading retailers are making significant investments in using AI to enhance operational effectiveness and customer experiences. Instead of serving as simple transaction centres, retail establishments will increasingly serve as the hub for promoting brand recognition and improving the consumer experience. Adaptive AI will be the driving force behind this change. One significant development area will be frictionless retail experiences built on computer vision and edge-based AI systems that decrease wait times and frustration. Additionally, future retail locations will be able to provide highly customised suggestions and design seamless customer journeys based on real-time data from video analytics supported by on-premise infrastructure.


The discipline of AI is also expanding into several new areas, including conceptual design, smaller devices, and multi-modal application advances that will increase AI’s capabilities across a wide range of industries. Businesses must keep an eye on cutting-edge AI technologies, such as quantum AI, which have enormous potential and are now accessible for testing via the cloud.


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