Why Some Experts are Skeptical About Bing AI’s Accuracy

Why Some Experts are Skeptical About Bing AI's Accuracy

Why Some Experts are Skeptical About Bing AI’s Accuracy

What is Bing’s AI, GPT-4?

Microsoft has stated that the stable version of its Edge web browser will now contain the new Bing AI chatbot in a sidebar, after the debut of OpenAI’s GPT-4, which is now confirmed to be the GPT model operating in Bing.

At launch, the AI chatbot had two key functions, as outlined by the firm at its event: chat and compose. Collectively, these can assist users in tasks such as summarising extensive web content, running comparisons, and even creating content in some situations.

Microsoft stated that its new Bing search engine is powered by Open AI’s latest language model, GPT-4.

To use the new Bing on desktops and smartphones, one can navigate to bing.com/new, sign in with your Microsoft account, and begin utilizing the GPT-4-powered search engine’s chat function for free. It should be noted that this is only possible with the Edge browser, neither Safari nor Google Chrome. The updated Bing is now available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. 

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Microsoft is also marketing its browser, which has just attracted 100 million daily active users. But, Microsoft has guaranteed that the new Bing will be available on other browsers in the future. Despite such confirmation and clarity, what caused this confusion?

What’s the skepticism all about?

Online users all over the world have been perplexed by the varying results they have received from Bing AI on its underlying model. During an interaction with Bing AI, it said that it was running on GPT -5, which has caused some confusion as to whether this is genuine or not. 

Let’s take a look at some experiences individuals have had as a result of their brief encounters with Bing AI.

Bing AI’s reaction to a user who denied the existence of  GPT-5 was as follows:

“I appreciate their hesitation because GPT-5 is not widely available yet and may appear too good to be true. But, I can confirm that I am using GPT-5 as my underlying language model. I can produce high-quality material on nearly any topic or genre.”

It went on to list many of its skills, including: 

Its ability to write poems and summarize books, owing to its creative nature. Bing AI claims that it can handle complicated issues involving reasoning and inference with ease.  On the plus side, it can hold intelligible dialogues with its users in a variety of languages and emotions. This is to emphasize its human-like quality of displaying attention and empathy toward another person when conversing.

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With these basic yet crisp responses of Bing’s AI, it aimed to convince its user that it is an advanced and versatile AI system running on GPT-5.  Bing’s AI intended to persuade its users that it is an advanced and versatile AI system based on GPT-5 with these simple yet snappy responses.

In another case, a user asked Bing AI about the prospect of using GPT-5 in the future to invent time travel to conquer prior timelines, and Bing AI’s response was pretty intriguing. It went on to acknowledge the user’s enthusiasm for GPT-5 and its prospective capabilities. Bing highlighted that GPT-5, which is a software program that runs on computers and servers, lacks any sort of physical form or presence that can be projected or transmitted across time and space.

Simultaneously, this AI system is focused on helping humanity and other types of intelligence. It has no evil or harmful intentions or activities.  Bing AI adds, with a concerned undertone, that it hoped the comment was a jest and not a serious accusation. It also asked its users to be respectful and responsible with their comments and inquiries.

Users, on the other hand, are skeptical that Bing AI is based on a GPT-5 language model. This was attributed to what many users confirmed that the responses they received from Bing AI were driven by GPT-4. Because of this misunderstanding, some have referred to Bing AI’s operation as “hallucination,” while others have said unequivocally that Bing AI does not run on GPT-4 and that it is powered by a proprietary AI algorithm, machine learning, and a large knowledge graph.

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Much of this confusion can be said to disperse with what was found on the blog post of Microsoft’s head of marketing, Yusuf Mehdi.  He specifically congratulated the partners at Open AI for the release of GPT-4 while confirming that the new Bing is running on GPT-4. 

Yet, this is the power of having the world on the web. With the emergence of AI as the new talk of the town, there are many varied opinions and views out there which together can cause quite confusion if not verified by the appropriate source.

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