6 Wellness Retreats That Are Perfect for Your Next Vacation

6 Wellness Retreats That Are Perfect for Your Next Vacation

Wellness Retreats That Are Perfect for Your Next Vacation

Health and wellness fads come and go, but the concept of wellness tourism, in which we go on vacation to concentrate on our health or well-being (or both), is not going away.

The Global Wellness Institute reported that 936 million spa and wellness vacations were made around the world in 2019. Rapid development is expected following the epidemic, and if the numerous new spa openings, well-being retreats, and popularity of dedicated health resorts are any indication, there will be plenty to fulfill our desire for wellness-based travel.

With this in mind, we’re looking at the best wellness travel trends this year. There are many ways to put your mind and body at the forefront of your holiday this year, from new ideas emerging like ‘sober curious’ travel, where we exclude booze, to advanced revitalizations of old traditions like hammam and sound healing in beautiful corners of the world.

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Have a look at the most popular wellness travel trends that are getting momentum and are here to stay in 2023 in the cause of good health.

Sound Healing 

The benefits attached to sound and vibrations are well understood. You may already utilize a form of sound to help you get through your day, whether it’s calming music to help you sleep or uplifting music to motivate you to finish your Monday morning workout. Music has long been employed in wellness and hotel spas to set the appropriate tone in their quiet, restorative surroundings.

Sound healing, sound therapy, and sound bathing are more than just ambient, mood-enhancing, or scene-setting noise. It’s a decades-old tradition, and Buddhist monks have employed Tibetan singing bowls in meditation for ages.

Sober Curious Travel 

The sober curious movement is gathering steam as more people avoid alcohol for better sleep, reduced worry, more clarity, and better health. There are lots of good alcohol-free wines on the market in the United States to help people make the changeover, but is this something we can take with us on vacation?

Alcohol is frequently included as part of the vacation experience, such as stunning and wonderful gourmet holidays to Sicily and Crete, wine-themed cruises, or simply cocktails at golden hour. But, there is a growing trend of excursions centered on alcohol-free adventures – there are even specialist alcohol-free tour companies.

Salt Float Escapes 

Salt floats are another growing trend. Floatation tanks (filled with body temperature water and salts to aid buoyancy) are supposed to help us relax, sleep better, and feel better overall.

It may require floating in a large bathtub with a cover, which is not ideal for those who are claustrophobic, but you may leave the lid up and still get the pain-relieving, endorphin-boosting advantages.

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Forest Bathing Breaks

It’s been around since the 1980s in Japan, and we first discussed it in 2021, but it’s a trend that blossomed into something we do ourselves in our nearest bit of woodland, becoming a motif of our getaways.

Forest bathing entails immersing yourself in natural woods, which is thought to help decrease blood pressure and relieve stress. The goal is to spend at least 30 minutes in a woodland area, breathing deeply, gazing skyward at the tree canopy, and meditatively savoring the dappled sunlight.

Digital Detox Trips 

The concept of digital detoxing has been around for quite a while and shows no signs of stopping as we all become more aware of how fascinated we may become with our electronics. There’s a growing trend in travel toward digital detoxing when we go on vacation to reconnect with our surroundings by purposefully putting our phones aside and experiencing life off-grid.

You may go out of your way and check into one of Unplugged’s UK cabins, where you lock your phone away for the duration of your stay, or you could go for something a bit less severe and simply set your phone to ‘do not disturb’ mode and arrange time away from screens.

Returns of the Hammams

Spa trends come and go, but the hammam has recently enjoyed a renaissance, incorporated into luxury hotels as part of opulent spa services from new openings from London to New York to the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and Faena in Miami. A hammam is a classic steam bath followed by a black soap scrub that dates back over 2,000 years to when the Romans used them to relax and socialize.

It’s a routine that’s supposed to improve our lung health and provide a natural cleanse (to sweat away our impurities), and it’s still very much a part of Moroccan and Turkish culture.

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By taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, travelers can focus on their mental, emotional, and physical health, allowing them to return home feeling refreshed and energized. Wellness travel can be a great way to explore new destinations and cultures while also taking care of yourself. From yoga classes and meditation retreats to spa treatments and holistic health therapies, travelers can explore the world while boosting their overall wellness.

From traditional healing practices to modern holistic treatments, wellness travel can be adapted to every budget and lifestyle.

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