Improving Brain Activity by adding brain exercises in your daily routines

Mental Exercises

Keeping the Mind Alert Always

There are numerous strategies to maintain mental acuity and keep your brain healthy, according to research. It can be quicker and easier to do daily activities when you practise specific brain exercises to improve your memory, concentration, and focus.

These exercises can also help you maintain mental acuity as you age.

Jigsaw Puzzles 

Working on a jigsaw puzzle is a great method to develop your brain, whether you’re assembling a 1,000-piece picture of the Eiffel Tower or connecting 100 pieces to create Mickey Mouse. 

Jigsaw puzzle completion engages a variety of cognitive processes and has been found to delay the onset of visuospatial cognitive ageing (ResearchTrusted Source). In other words, when assembling a jigsaw puzzle, you must consider various parts and determine how they fit into the overall picture. This may be a fantastic approach to stretch and sharpen your mind.

A game of cards

A brief game of cards can increase brain capacity in multiple different parts of the brain. The same study discovered that playing cards can sharpen one’s memory and analytical abilities. 

Consider mastering one of these time-tested card games: 

Bridge, gin rummy, and poker solitaire

Building Vocabulary 

According to research, the brain uses a lot more areas when performing vocabulary activities, particularly those involved in processing visual and aural information. Try out this cognitive-enhancing activity to verify this theory: 

  • Always keep a notebook handy 
  • Make a note of one new word, then look it up to see what it means. 
  • The following day, try to use the word in a sentence five different times.

Dancing Feet On

Your brain’s memory and processing speed can both be improved by learning new dancing techniques. In other words, get up and dance—your brain will appreciate it. 

Things you can begin doing:

Attend a contemporary, hip-hop, tap, or salsa dance lesson. 

Attend jazz or a Zumba exercise class. 

Watch a dancing video online to learn some entertaining movements.

Learn a Skill 

Not only can learning a new skill be entertaining and engaging, but it may also assist your brain’s neural connections. 

Additionally, acquiring a new skill can benefit older persons’ memory performance, according to 2014 Trusted Source research.


On the other hand, teaching a skill to another person is one of the best ways to increase your learning.  You must put a new ability into practice after learning it. It needs you to explain the idea and rectify any errors you make before you can teach it to someone else. Take learning how to swing a golf club as an illustration. Then, show a friend how to do it.

Play an Instrument or Listen to Music 

Do you want a simple technique to sharpen your capacity for creativity? You might find the solution by playing some music. 

According to a reliable source, listening to upbeat music helps people come up with more creative solutions. In other words, turning up some uplifting music can help you think more creatively and mentally. And since your brain is capable of acquiring new abilities at any moment in your life, now is a fantastic time to start learning how to play music. You can therefore learn to play an instrument like the piano, guitar, or even the drums at any age.

Try Out a New Route

Avoid becoming complacent with your daily obligations. Instead, be open to attempting novel approaches to the same tasks. 

Every week, take a different route to work or experiment with a different form of transportation, such as biking or using the bus in place of driving. You might be amazed at how simple it is to alter your thinking, and your brain will gain from it.


Regular meditation can help you feel more at ease, breathe more slowly, and deal with stress and worry.  But did you know that it might also aid in memory enhancement and improve information processing in the brain? Trusted Source 

Every day, choose a peaceful place, close your eyes, and meditate for five minutes.

Learn a Language 

Numerous studies have shown that bilingualism can increase levels of creativity, visual-spatial skills, and memory. Speaking multiple languages well may also make it easier for you to move between tasks and postpone the onset of ageing-related cognitive deterioration.


No matter your age, concentrating on your brain health is one of the greatest things you can do to increase your capacity for concentration, focus, recollection, and mental agility. 

You may stretch your mind, improve your cognitive abilities, and perhaps even discover something new and enriching along the way by implementing brain workouts into your daily life.

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