Tackling Grief and Healing Architecture With Fresh Perspectives

Healing with fresh perspective

Tackling Grief With A Fresh Perspective

Although it takes time, grief has an end. You’ll finally make progress. Having said that, what if everything seems gloomy and you are unable to envision a better future? What can you do to start moving past your grief if you feel stuck? To reach the end of the tunnel, you don’t need to utilise toxic positivity. Finding the bright spots in a cloudy sky is a common aspect of changing your perspective, but it doesn’t mean you have to pretend to feel good all the time.

The other side of battling any kind of grief doesn’t always have to feel “normal” but rather it implies the patience you gather and the strength you endure to shift your perspective even when it is not all sunshine and rainbows.

Imbibing the following approaches could help you feel “unstuck” and begin your healing process.

Looking Beyond Sadness 

You have the right to lament the death of a loved one, a romantic partnership, your physical well-being or capacity, or anything else that makes you sad. However, it’s important to be aware that some people get into the trap of thinking that they can only feel down. In certain cases, when faced with a traumatic experience, people might feel bad for feeling better or for beginning to. There will probably be affection, nostalgia, and joyful memories where there is pain. You might find a method to remember them as part of your everyday activities or take solace in the unexpected ways their memory comes to mind.

You could learn something from your sorrow.

Change Your Assumption About Grief 

Sometimes, how we express things has a significant influence on how we feel about them. If you’re lamenting the end of a relationship, the split may have also freed you from having to maintain a union that didn’t work for you. If your partner betrayed you, it might have more to do with their shortcomings than your value.

You are in pain, things have changed, and you still have a life to live. Although you had no control over the grief you experienced, you do have control over your course of action.

Patiently Understand Yourself and What You Need 

There is no manual for life, but when it comes to overcoming loss, our needs and feelings may be the closest thing we have. Once you have allowed yourself to feel everything, ask yourself, “What do I need?” This might take the form of a hug, a sympathetic ear, a bath, calling it an early night, crying, or something else different.

If you lost a loved one, they probably wanted you to be content, happy, and healthy. They wouldn’t want grief to rule their entire life. It’s acceptable to consider other things, especially what you need right now.

Give Yourself a Reality Check 

Grief may be messy and manifest itself in many different ways. Numbness, impatience, rage, denial, melancholy, depression, difficulty concentrating, and other emotions are possible side effects. No matter how you feel, it is not “bad” to feel that way. It is not simple, it is not linear.

Perhaps right now, you’re feeling hopelessly depressed. You are depressed and cannot imagine being any worse. Waves of grief are common. Allow the sadness to come when it does. Sit in it and give it a name.

Cultivate Hope 

You don’t have to be permanently damaged if you lose your career, a friend, or your lover.

There are still possibilities, even if it has kept you down till now and even if your options aren’t as open as they previously were. When you’re ready or want to be ready to do so, one of the finest methods to get over loss is to consider your future goals. Think about what is feasible rather than what isn’t.

Grief can teach us that life is fragile and unexpected if there is anything at all. Do what you can to live your best life because you deserve to. Remember that you get to decide what that means for you because you are a special individual.


Grief is a sign that a difficult experience has been had, whether it be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a medical or mental health problem, a divorce, or something else. You persevered and made it to this point.

Reaching out to individuals can occasionally be a crucial component of self-care, even if there are things you can do to mend on your own time, like considering your viewpoint.


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