Breaking the stigma: Talking openly about anxiety and our needs

Breaking the stigma: Talking openly about anxiety and our needs

Breaking the stigma: Talking openly about anxiety and our needs

Seeking what we want, need, and can be a challenging task for some. But why is this so?

Anxiety is one of the key reasons! Anxiety might emerge when we are concerned about things that have not yet occurred. As a result, worry is excellent at conjuring up worst-case scenarios in your mind. If you’re nervous about expressing your demands, it’s probably because you’re concerned the other person won’t take it well, which could lead to an argument or, worse, the end of the relationship.

Here are Three Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Expressing Your Needs :

1. Sit down with yourself and talk about what you genuinely require and the way you want it to be met.

Your uncertainty is causing a lot of your anxiety! Thus, confront yourself with difficult questions. Sometimes you believe you are wasting your time addressing concerns in the other person’s life, and they are not listening to you. What actions could correct this? Would you like them to make an intentional effort to learn more about your life?

It is critical to distinguish between what you require and the behaviors that can meet your requirements! Make a list of whatever you need as well as what needs to change for you to feel like you’re getting it.

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2. Inhale deeply and H.A.L.T.

You must first manage your self-care before you can control your anxiety. Anxiety is a difficult emotion to manage, and it can be made even more difficult if you are facing other heightened emotions. Keep the acronym H.A.L.T. in mind. Consider whether you feel hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.

As we are often wrapped up in our brains when we are worried, we can also attempt some actions to get out of our heads. The 333 approach is popular among many people.

  • Describe three things you see.
  • Determine the three noises you hear.
  • Touch or move three different items to help you relax and center yourself in the present moment.

3. Select the proper circumstances and conditions in which you wish to seek assistance

  • Allow the person to know you have something essential to discuss with them so they don’t feel swamped.
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Before addressing what needs to be added, talk about how they successfully serve your other needs.
  • Come from a place of vulnerability rather than ego.
  • Remember that not every discussion has to be “make or break,” and no one can read your mind; they’ll only know if you tell them!

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What Happens When You Face Your Fears and Take a Stand For Yourself?

When you muster the bravery to express your demands, you demonstrate to the other person and yourself that you are deserving of having your needs addressed. You also demonstrate your trust in them.

Trust and communication are essential components of healthy relationships. If you’re in a relationship that isn’t meeting your needs and you don’t feel safe expressing those demands, it’s probably time to leave. Nothing less than happiness and care is due to you!

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Anxiety can be a powerful force that prevents us from expressing our needs. It can come in the form of fear, insecurity, or selfdoubt, and can make us secondguess our decisions and ability to articulate our needs. This can lead us to be too afraid to speak up or to come across as overly passive or timid. We may worry that voicing our needs will be met with criticism, judgment, or rejection.

As a result, we may end up not speaking up at all. To overcome this, we need to take the time to identify our needs and permit ourselves to express them. We can also practice positive selftalk and learn to challenge our negative thoughts.

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques can also help to reduce anxiety and allow us to feel more confident in our ability to express our needs. With time, practice, and patience, we can learn to speak up and make our needs heard.

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