Apple starts developing an AR-based metaverse


Apple starts developing an AR-based metaverse

Apple is going to do something about the metaverse! As you are aware, the recent metaverse concert presented by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was one of the most dramatic developments in the technology sector.

What do other companies think of the metaverse, then? Some remarks on the matter have thus far emerged from well-known figures. While some said they would be a part of the metaverse, others remained opposed to the concept.

What is Apple’s position on this matter, then? Apple is well renowned for its excellent virtual reality research. The Cupertino-based business has spent years developing its line of smart eyewear. But thus far, little real progress has been made.

One company that acknowledges that virtual reality will shape the future is Apple. In fact, in a remark he issued at the time, Tim Cook succinctly summed up this circumstance. Cook predicted that shortly, VR technology will be one of the most essential aspects of our lives.

Apple’s inclusion in the cosmos that Facebook has constructed is, of course, quite implausible. The worst Cupertino-based business will develop a unique metaverse. Even the initial research on this could have begun. It is now difficult to speculate on Apple’s plans, which are kept secret. We will need to wait and see, of course.



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