What’s there in Meta’s new online store for virtual avatars

What's there in Meta's new online store for virtual avatars

To begin with, Meta (earlier Facebook) is known as a social media technology company which translates to bringing together different social media apps and technologies under one new company brand.

It is the new evolution of technology that one was waiting for to immerse in all-new experiences which were once close to impossible. This would let you indulge in immersive experiences with people across the globe and take you a step ahead of what you would normally do in your physical reality. 

Meta platforms were all set to launch and have now established a digital clothing store for online users to be able to acquire designer-made outfits for their avatars. Avatars are created for Meta to connect user identity across Instagram, Facebook and other services as it steers towards building an immersive “metaverse” of interconnected digital worlds where users can come together. 

The public was made aware of this development via a live conversation between Mr. Zuckerberg and Eva Chen,  Instagram’s vice president of fashion partnerships. 

As the years pass by, we witness new mediums developed and launched in order to empower people to connect and reconnect with each other and enhance each community along with growing businesses. Digital commodities have sought to play a vital role in being a means of self-expression in the metaverse, as well as a major boost to the creative economy. 

Therefore, now Meta intends to move beyond the 2D screens and into augmented and virtual reality in order to help build the next evolution in social technology. 

Meta has been attempting at bringing in something innovative that would improvise the appearance of its avatars. 

What Does the New Online Store Offer? 

The update introduced a variety of expressions, skin tones, faces and accessibility devices to avatars. The company also permits users to put forward the same avatar across all Meta platforms, including in virtual reality.

Hence, the company redesigned its virtual reality avatars in order to be more expressive and three-dimensional in nature. The purpose reflected behind this initiative is that digital goods would be a vital way to express yourself in the metaverse and it would also simultaneously be a big boost to the creative economy. 

The Meta Avatars Store is set to be available on Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It enables individuals to spend real-world money in order to style their avatars in the digital world and use this opportunity to be creative, innovative and more expressive. This is because users are always looking to express themselves in the best possible manner with the right sense of style and would look forward to exclusive clothing items and designer wear. 

As a head start, users will only be able to choose from the default or rather an available environment but gradually, it is stated by the parent company of Facebook that users will also be permitted to create their own virtual environment in Horizon Home. This is an interesting feature which boasts of Meta’s initiative of changing the realm of virtual reality.

These virtual outfits are designed by fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Bowne and will be available for purchase. The prices would range from $2.99 and $8.99  


Facebook has recently been focusing on building the metaverse as its top priority. That being said, it has invested heavily in virtual reality. Other innovations that have been introduced include parental controls to all Quest virtual reality. headsets that would enable parents to keep a check on underage users’ screen time and henceforth receive approvals needed before making any purchases. 

What Mr. Zuckerberg aims to introduce is predicted to be the next big breakthrough in technology. Plenty of other companies are building their way to the same path like Microsoft, Roblox, and Nvidia who are actively looking to play a part in the virtual world of augmented reality tech. Meta also ensures the public that it plans to establish its online avatar store as an open marketplace and not just keep it limited to luxury brands. In fact, it provides an incredible platform that would allow developers to create and sell their own clothing. 

This whole concept is being regarded as the next big step in the development and evolution of the internet along with creating real three-dimensional infrastructure. Therefore, this concept aims at providing an online world to people who would like to interact, collaborate and communicate without needing to be physically present together in the same space. 

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