Nomad Visa for Indonesia – Everything you are looking to get Nomad Visa for Indonesia

Indonesia's Nomad Visa

Indonesia’s Nomad Visa

With Bali as its best asset, Indonesia has entered the competition to draw wealthy foreigners to the nation. Indonesia joins the ranks of nations like Costa Rica and Mexico in enticing professionals, pensioners, and other affluent people with long-term stays.

A digital nomad visa was proposed by Indonesia in 2021 with the intention of drawing tourists to Bali.

On October 14 of last year, Bali gradually reopened to foreign visitors. Since then, the Indonesian government has worked to boost the local economy by removing restrictions and enhancing traveller benefits. The new visa, which will go into effect in late December 2022, will allow visitors to stay in the nation for a period of five or ten years.

However, there is one prerequisite that visa applicants must satisfy that may prevent many people who want to move to the renowned Island nation from being eligible. So think twice before you list your house and start packing.

Visa Requirements

Visa applicants must also send a copy of their passport with at least 36 months until it expires, a colour photograph, a copy of their resume, and a copy of their bank records demonstrating that they have at least two billion rupiahs, which is now equal to $128,554 USD. The visa application can be submitted online at visa-online.imigrasi.go.id once the policy goes into force in December.

Second Home Visa

This new initiative, known as the “Second Home Visa,” aims to stimulate the economy by promoting foreign investment and growth. The Bali Sun claims that the programme is aimed towards high earners, retirees, and highly qualified digital nomads who want to stay in Indonesia for an extended period of time. Anybody in Indonesia can reside anywhere with a second residence visa. The majority of people who will take advantage of the chance to invest in a second residence visa will reside in popular tourist destinations like Bali, Jakarta, and Lombok. The government anticipates that the visa will bring a new demographic to Bali and spur development in less international regions of the nation where investment could lead to advancement. 

Property Talks

While it is true that those applying for visas must demonstrate that they have a substantial amount of money in their bank accounts, it is not required that they spend that much money or buy a second property. Additionally, they are not limited to residing in Bali as the visa is good for travel across Indonesia.

Whenever airlines like Garuda Indonesia begin international flights, there has been a substantial increase in foreign visitors to Indonesia at the same time as the launch. Along with drawing tens of thousands of attendees, the forthcoming G-20 Summit in Bali in November is anticipated to attract attention to the island on a global scale


For wealthy remote workers or digital nomads who want to live in Indonesia for a long time, the new visa category opens up another possibility. Some consider this, combined with the B211a socio-cultural visa, to constitute the whole set of visas for digital nomads.

Immigration is implementing a stimulant policy at a time of economic resurgence and a thriving global economy. The Indonesian Department of Immigration website states that the visa costs merely IDR 3 million (USD 192), and it enables foreigners to “carry out various operations, such as investing and other activities.”

Though a KITAS is still necessary if you want to work in Indonesia. The visa is for “foreigners or ex-Indonesian nationals who desire to stay and constructively contribute to the Indonesian economy,” according to the document.

The visa will go into effect 60 days after this announcement, and more details on the policy will be released as they become available. As a result, the Immigration website is not yet accepting applications.

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