Top 10 Tips to Boost Your Productivity Instantly

Boost Your Productivity

Getting Our Productivity Right 

It is that time of the year when we aim to do our best to balance the end-of-year workload and the holidays while also spending some quality time with our families. That being said, we have set out a quick list for boosting your productivity and making the best of your time and being effective with your timeline.

Being productive gives you meaning. A sense of purpose in life provides you motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and when you accomplish a goal, your self-esteem soars. People who lack this direction are rarely happy; striving towards something gives you energy, focus, and conviction.

The sense of accomplishment we feel after completing a worthy task is undoubtedly strong, which is perhaps why intrinsic rewards are typically much more effective at motivating people than extrinsic ones. Intrinsic incentives are not tangible, in contrast to extrinsic rewards, which frequently take the shape of wage increases or job promotions.

Let’s read on to imbibe these small tips in our lives from today. 

1. Make Space For Yourself

At the beginning of each day, spend a few minutes organising and clearing your workstation before getting started on anything else. A clutter-free atmosphere helps you think more clearly and create better outcomes. You may substantially improve your productivity and decrease the amount of time you spend looking for things by organising and cleaning up your workspace.

2. Add a Pop of Colour or a few Live Plants

Colour may have a significant impact on your attitude and productivity throughout the day. While red may be ideal for jobs requiring accuracy and attention to detail, blue can help you relax and focus. Plants can also aid in concentration: According to an American Society for Horticultural Science study, employees who were around plants at work felt less stressed and were more productive.

3. Sit on the Most Dreaded Task the First Thing

Everyone has at least one item on their list that they keep putting off because they don’t want to complete it. Get it off your plate as soon as you can rather than waiting until the last minute. You’ll stop worrying about that one task the entire day and your other activities will appear less challenging in contrast, which will increase your overall productivity.

4. Prioritise Your Tasks

Think about everything you do and how crucial or unimportant everything is. Your attention should be on the jobs that are most important to you first. If at all possible, put off the low-priority tasks and devise a plan to assign or outsource them so you may focus more of your time on those that are more important to your position and the business.

5. Turn off your Email Notifications

Try disabling your notifications and checking your messages only at predetermined times rather than reading every email as it arrives in your inbox. Why? Your focus may be disrupted by constant email notifications on your desktop or mobile device. A person needs 64 seconds to recover after being distracted by an email notice.

6. Take Short Breaks

Taking brief breaks from work that are unrelated to it, whether it is a stroll, a trip to your favourite coffee shop, reading, or visiting a coworker, can significantly improve your performance. Longer periods without a break cause your productivity to decrease.

7. Move Around

Exercise has health benefits beyond only physical health; it can also enhance productivity at work. It has been demonstrated that exercise has an impact on focus and mental health. a fantastic method to feel more alert and productive? Consider starting your day with a workout or a morning run. Getting some exercise while your breaks is also beneficial.

8. Play Your Favourite Playlist

Not all people who use headphones are anti-social. According to research, playing your favourite music while working can help you focus and finish your to-do list. Although the music might aid in the onset of flow states, it can also act as a deterrent.

9. Change Locations

Fortunately, remote and hybrid working options are now frequently available to employees. Take some time during the week to work somewhere new, if your job permits it. A new environment can greatly aid in increasing productivity. Go to a peaceful area with lots of natural light, such as the library, a park nearby, or another location.

10. Don’t Multitask

While multitasking may seem like the most efficient approach to completing all of your activities, it hinders productivity more than it helps. Simply put, multitasking is ineffective, and doing so results in time loss.


All the money in the world won’t be enough to make up for the void that a lack of purpose creates, but the satisfaction that comes from doing something worthwhile has a beneficial ripple effect on other aspects of our lives. It enhances our well-being and stimulates our feeling of self. But it also depends on us; we have to give each activity a particular meaning and purpose. In this manner, when we finish it, we will be able to recognise our accomplishments without anybody else’s confirmation or reward.

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