PM Modi introduces 5G services and claims it is the start of an endless sky of possibilities

PM Modi introduces 5G services and claims it is the start of an endless sky of possibilities

The introduction of 5G telephone services by Indian PM Narendra Modi on Saturday marked the beginning of an age of ultra-fast Internet in India.

The Prime Minister said that while the summit may be global, its effects and directions are local as he addressed the crowd in the presence of business leaders like Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group; Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman, Bharti Enterprise; and Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited.

Additionally, Modi presided over the opening of the sixth iteration of the India Mobile Congress (IMC) in New Delhi and attended the IMC Exhibition that was organised for the event.

“Today, the nation and the country’s telecom sector are giving 130 crore Indians a beautiful present in the shape of 5G. A new era in the nation is ringing in with the arrival of 5G. A limitless sky of options will open up with 5G. I thank every Indian for doing this.”

The PM expressed happiness that employees and rural regions are equal participants in the rollout of 5G and the advancement of technology. The Prime Minister emphasised the rapid technological advancement that India has seen recently and declared that “New India” would not only be a technology consumer but would actively participate in its creation and use.

India was reliant on other nations for 2G, 3G, and 4G technology, the prime minister stated. However, India has made new history with 5G. For the first time, he said, “India is setting a worldwide benchmark in telecom technology with 5G.”

The Prime Minister mentioned Digital India, saying that some people believe it to be only a government initiative. “However, Digital India is more than just a moniker; it represents a broad vision for the growth of the nation. This vision is to make technology accessible to the general public so that it can interact with and work for the people.”

The Prime Minister elaborated, highlighting the necessity for a comprehensive strategy for Digital India, saying, “We concentrated on four pillars, in four directions at once. The cost of the gadget comes first, followed by digital connectivity, data costs, and fourth and most significantly, the notion of “digital first.”

The cheap cost of gadgets, according to the Prime Minister, can only be attained through Aatmnirbharta, which is the first pillar. The Prime Minister noted that till eight years ago, there were just two mobile manufacturing facilities in India. These numbers have now reached 200, according to Modi.

The prime minister emphasised that after exporting no mobile phones in 2014, our nation now exports hundreds of crores’ worth of mobile phones. “Naturally, the cost of the device has evolved as a result of all these efforts. As of late, we have been receiving more features for less money “he remarked.

In addition, Modi noted that there were 85 crore Internet connections in India as of 2017 compared to 25 crores in 2014. Rural areas are adding more users to the Internet. Users of all ages will be able to take use of the Internet and its potential thanks in large part to 5G.

“Although we doubled the number of mobile phone manufacturing facilities in India, many individuals used to make a mockery of our Aatmanirbhar Bharat. There were just two mobile phone manufacturing units eight years ago. In India now, there are more than 200 units. We export our mobile phones to other countries and are currently ranked second in the globe “Mr PM added.

Through the use of 5G technology, PM Modi also communicated digitally with Metro employees who were physically inside a Metro tunnel.

The expense of data is among the most affordable in the world, according to the prime minister. The price has decreased from 300 rupees to approximately 10 rupees per GB. The Prime Minister stated that the government’s efforts to put the needs of the customer first had kept data costs in India extremely low.



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